StreamFinder.com has been compiling the largest list of international streaming radio stations since 2005.

Our goal is to help listeners find great streaming radio from around the world while helping streaming radio stations to promote themselves and gain more listeners.

Our service has always been free for both listeners and broadcasters – and we hate annoying ads so we do our best to keep them at a minimum so that you can enjoy your time
on this site while you are here.

We love to hear from our users so use our contact form to give us any criticism, compliments or advice.

Below are some of our site features:

Listeners: find the best streaming internet radio stations from around the world

  • Use our search bar to find internet radio stations by genre, keyword or artist name
  • Save your favorite stations by checking the box next to them and pull them up in the “presets” area
  • We have a whole directory area just for mobile optimized streams

Broadcasters: promote your streaming internet radio station for free

  • Quick, free registration to list your station in our directory of internet radio stations.
  • We provide click stats of users who find and visit your station
  • We provide free redirect service for your streaming URL’s – makes it easy if you change ISP’s.
  • We notify you if someone saves your station as a preset favorite.
  • Need help setting up a station? We have tutorials and help areas.
  • Want some extra promotional exposure? For $10 a month you can be a sponsor station and get a homepage listing, a top listing on the genre pages of your choice and a listing in our mobile device directory.

For device manufacturers, audio application developers and 3rd parties

  • Streamfinder.com provides an updated, accurate API to all of our stations broken out by format and audio genre. This API can be licensed to be included in your device or application. More about our API
  • Freshest station listings. We have the largest listing of internet radio stations available. And it grows by 10 – 30 stations submitted by broadcasters every day.

    Unique station listings. Not only do we have user-managed listings, our streamSpider technology discovers thousands of new stations every time it crawls the web. We have hundreds of stations in every genre and micro-genre.

    Nearly 100% accurate format listings. We listen to *ALL* of the stations listed on our site and categorize them in an accurate manner.

    Easy to integrate. We can provide you with an API to your specifications and XML in a format suitable for your needs.

    You get complete control. We can provide you with management tools for your XML – add stations – reorder stations – ban stations.

    Contact Us to discuss licensing terms for your application, site or device.


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