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Boys From Baltimore - Stubborn Boy Oberek (1988) [Classics]
This N That - Puka Mary's Polka (1988) [A Little Of This N A Little Of That]
Downtown Sound - All The Right Moves Polka (1988) [All The Right Moves]
Brass Connection - If It's Alright Polka (1987) [Full Moon]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Super Sax Polka (1986) [Please Have Them Play A Polka Just For Me]
Michael Costa's Limelite - This Time Polka (1987) [Let There Be Lite]
Bay State IV - Tell Me Polka [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Boys From Baltimore - Playground Polka (1989) [Classics]
Tony's Polka Band - Welcome Polka (2011) [Come & Listen]
John Filipczak & The Classics - Circus Polka (Inst) [Simply H
Polka Generations - Stevens Point Oberek (2010) [Times Are Changing]
Dennis Motyka & The Good Times - Your Heart Waltz
The Amazing Accordion Kings - Accordiana
New Brass Express - Straw Hat Polka (2004) [Take Us For A Ride]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Little Teddy's Polka (2010) [Resurgence!]
Freddie & Marsha Bulinski - Freddie's Fun House (LIVE)
Randy Krajewski & Eric Hite - Sons Of LaGrange (March 24, 2014)
Honky Express - Happy Birthday Johnnie Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Polka Generations - I'll Never Love Again Polka
Ania Piwowarczyk - Hej Sokoly Polka (1998) [Come Dance With Me]
Michigan Connection - Shining Moon Waltz [A Paragraph Of Polkas]
John Gora & Gorale - Same Old Love Polka [Take A Sp
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Enjoy The Little Things Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Boys, The - Baby Blue Eyes Polka (2013) [Boysterous]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - King's Crossing Oberek
Mon Valley Push - Polka Capital Medley (2013) [Murphy's Law]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Polka From The Heart Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
New Direction - To The Left Oberek (2014) [Clear Directions]
Honky Heaven - All The Girls Polka (2013) [LIVE] [Honky Heaven]
Michigan Connection - Two Hearts Polka [A Paragraph Of Polkas]
Polkatown Sound - Even Though Polka (1992) [Cutting Edge]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Forever You & I Waltz (1998) [Come Dance With Me]
Boys, The - You're The Only World I Knew Polka (2011) [A New Day]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - A Little Bit Of Heaven Polka (1993) [Bandstand Favorites]
Alliance, The - Cloud Number Nine (2011) [Spirit Carries On]