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John Filipczak & The Classics - Honky Hoe Down Polka (1992) [Encore]
Bobby Stavins & His Orchestra - Toni's Polka (1964) [Polka Bonanza]
Polkatowners Chapter 2 - My People Polka (1998) [Polka Dancin' Pickles]
Matty Rock & Johnny Jay - Fiesta Polka (1998) [Through The Years]
City Side Band - Our Pennsylvania Medley (1999) [Just Like Downtown]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - Stubborn Girl Oberek (1993) [Bandstand Favorites]
Jackie Libera & The Classix - We Were Make For Each Other Polka (1993) [Classix Of '93]
Casey Homel - Casey's Polka (2002) [LIVE] [Honky Holiday]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - Best Of Joe Oberaitis Polka Medley (2009) [On The Other Side Of
Richie Gomulka - Our Love Story Waltz (2006) [Sweetest Polkas Waltzes & Obereks
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Hand In Hand Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Sure Sure It's Alright Polka (2013) [iHot]
Honky Express - Matulenko Oberek (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Polish Connection - Old Time Polka Dance (2012) [Love You Forever]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Hot Polkas Cold Beer & Warm Friends Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Lit
Pan Franek - Early Morning Oberek (1999) [Polka Weekend Stars]
Polka Family - Eastern Delight Polka (1996) [Let's Go Polka Dancing]
Crusade - Life In Chicago Polka (1997) [The Crusade]
Polkatown Sound - Last Word In Lonesome Me Polka (1992) [Cutting Edge]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - C'Mon Back Polka (1997) [Touch This]
Chuck Pendrak - Silver Bells Polka (1998) [Flashback]
Wanda & Stephanie - At The Dance Polka (1992) [Polka Date]
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Reaching Out Polka (2005) [Strikes Again]
Stephanie - Cheating But I Don't Care Oberek (2004) [Honky Polka Favorites
Canadian Fiddlestix - Shepherd's Dance Oberek (1985) [Polka Workout]
Sound - Aires, The
Windy City Brass - Polkas In The Moonlight Polka [Windy City Brass]
Style Stix - Hot Dogs & Cabbage Polka (1986) [Style Stix]
Jimmie Mieszala & The Music Explosion - In The Fields Polka (1980) [Polkas With A Blast]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Mother's Tears Waltz (1986) [Please Have Them Play A Polka Just For Me]
This N That - Looking For A Boyfriend Polka (1988) [A Little Of This N A Litt
Henny & The Versa J's - Three Generations Polka (1989) [Three Generations Of Polkas]
Brass Connection - Innocent Eyes Polka (1985) [Got No Reason]
Boys From Baltimore - Yo Buddy Oberek (1988) [Classics]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Jailbird Polka (2011) [Office Party]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Zosia Polka (LIVE)
Happy Richie's Polka Band - Front Porch Oberek (1995) [Put On Your Dancing Shoes]
Chris & Ronnie - Years Will Not Return Polka (2014) [Licks]
Doctor Kielbasa - Sweet Mary Polka (2000) [Just What The Doctor Ordered]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Return To Me Polka (1994) [Horn If You're Honky]
Billy Belina - The Polka Vinyl Show (LIVE)
Matt & Vi Wasielewski - Matt's Polka Party (LIVE)
Peter J Danielczuk - Peter J's Polka Celebration (LIVE)
Walt Procanyn Orchestra - Sundance Polka (2014) [Big Band & Polka Magic]
Ray Budzilek & His Orchestra - Sweetheart Waltz (1962) [Happy Polka Tunes]
Take 5 - EIO Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Hanusia Polka (2001) [LIVE] [LIVE & Kickin']
Chris Syms - Half & Half Polka (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Chris & Ronnie - Do Zakochania Jeden Krok Polka (2014) [Licks]
Stas Golonka - My Shoes Keep Walking Back Polka (2013) [LIVE] [Honky Heaven]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Grey Eyes Oberek (2014) [Breakdowns The Phaze That Never Ends]
Figiel Brothers - Imbibing In The Basement Polka (2014) [Hard At Work]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - Nedaleko Od Trencina Polka (2014) [Fred Ziwich's 60th Birthday
Joe Oberaitis - Slovenian Polka Blast (March 19, 2015)
Kevin Adams - Today's Teardrops Polka (2014) [Love Notes]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Guca Hits Polka Medley (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Polka Country Musicians - Here's To The Next Time Waltz (2014) [Roads We Travel]
New Brass Express - Till I See You Polka (2014) [Never Let Me Go]
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Johnny's Heartbreak Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Emily Bizon - Never Ending Love Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
PA Express - Under The Oak Tree Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Polskie Swingmasters - Feather In The Hat Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (LIVE)
Rymanowski Brothers - Maryszka Moja Polka (2010) [It's About Time]
New Direction - First Time Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Take 5 - Waltz Medley (2014) [Musically Yours]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Nobody's Honest No More Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Frank Borzymowski & Friends - Picnic Polka (2013) [Sax Is Good For You]
Polka Generations - Wanda's Polka (2010) [Times Are Changing]
Chardon Polka Band - Happy Wanderer Polka (2013) [A Fistful Of Polka]
Knewz, The - My Baby Blues Polka (2011) [Knewz Flash]
Frank Borzymowski & Friends - Good Old Wyandotte Polka (2013) [Sax Is Good For You]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me Polka (2014) [Polka Shoes
Stephanie - Mama's Polka (2012) [Honky Polka Favorites Volume II]
Eddie Zima & His Orchestra - Green Lawn Waltz (1962) [Polka Through The Hills]
Boys, The - In My Old Polish Town Polka (2011) [A New Day]
Scrubby & Sunshine - Happy Bachelor Polka (2005) [LIVE] [LIVE Polka Gems]
New Direction - I Go Crazy For You Polka (2012) [Follow Directions]
Polka Generations - Chodzia Mania Polka (2010) [Times Are Changing]
D Street Band - Chili Willies Polka (2011) [Blue Skies Ahead]
Squeezebox - Two People In Love (2009) [Freshly Squeezed]
Richie Gomulka - My Girls Polka (2006) [Sweetest Polkas Waltzes & Obereks This S
Family Tradition Polka Band - Why Why Polka (2006) [Time For Another One]
Toledo Polkamotion - Standing By The Oak Polka (1997) [LIVE] [Holy Toledo LIVE]
Alliance, The - In America Polka (2009) [Better Days To Come]
Polka Music Sound - Go With The Flow Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Stephanie - Wanda & Stephanie Polka (2008) [Polka Memories]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Lumberjack Oberek (1965) [Rex Years Volume III]
Michigan Connection - Polka Party Time #2 Polka (2007) [Polka Party Time]
Traveling Musicians, The - Don't Flirt Polka (2005) [Polkas]
Jimmy K & Ethnic Jazz - Holly Dotty Song (2008) [A Bright Idea]
Wally Dombrowski - Should Have Stayed Single Oberek (2008) [Back To Roots]
Jersey Polka Richie - Happy Retirement Polka (2008) [Sunshine & Polkas]
Eddie Skinger - Pizzacato Polka (1987) [From Me To You]
Eddie Skinger - Goodnight My Love Waltz (1987) [From Me To You]
Eddie Skinger - I'm Telling You Oberek (1987) [From Me To You]
Eddie Skinger - Object Of My Affection Polka (1987) [From Me To You]
Eddie Skinger - Sophie's Fancy Polka (1987) [From Me To You]
Jerry N' Al - Whop Bam Boom Polka (1987) [Squeeze Box Serenade]
Richie Gomulka - Richie Gomulka Waltz Show (March 20, 2015)
Todd Zaganiacz - Polka Nite Cap Show (LIVE)
Chris Valcik & Gerry Rymanowski - Red Hot Polkas (LIVE)
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Mountaineer's Farewell & Bright Star & Siwy Kon Polka Medley
New Brass Express - Roseanne Polka (2014) [Never Let Me Go]
Chris Syms - Trilled 2
Soundsations, The - Old Willow Tree Waltz (2012) [Just For Old Times Sake]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Kaline w Leslie Polka (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Mary Ann Polka (2014) [Polka Shoes]
Knewz, The - Signs Polka (2013) [Eyewitness Knewz]
Billy Belina - Polka Bandstand (LIVE WMUA Simulcast)
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Accordions On Parade Polka (2006) [Dog Gone Good]
Jersey Polka Richie - Old But Happy Oberek (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Knewz, The - Angel In My Eyes Polka (2009) [Got Knewz]
Hylites Of Baltimore - Bride's Dance Polka [Our Favorites]
Lenny Gomulka & The Chicago Pu - Where Were You Back Then
King Edward & His Orchestra - One More Time Oberek (Inst)
The Ampol - Aires
Mass Brass - Kick Nick [Polka Girls]
Andy Citkowicz - Polka Party (LIVE)
Henny & The Versa J's - Do You Remember Polka Medley (2004) [Come On Over]
Bill Gula - POLKAMANIA (March 21, 2015)
Kenny Konopka - Saturday Afternoon Variety Show (LIVE)
Joe Oberaitis - POLKAS 101 (March 21, 2015)
John Zelasko - IPA Polka Show (March 21, 2015)
Craig Ebel - It's Polka Time (March 21, 2015)
Bill Shibilski - Bill Shibilski's Polka Party (March 21, 2015)
Alvin Styczynski - At The Spring Waltz
Lil' Richard & The Polka All - S
Marisha Data - Headache Polka [Polish Song Favorites]
Steve Fornek & The Polka Gems - Green Garden Oberek (1962) [Package Of Polkas]
Walter Dombkowski & His Polka Kings - Oh My Darling Oberek (1958) [Toe Tapping Polkas]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Polka Night Polka (1966) [From The Beginning]
Stan Wolowic & The Polka Chips - Polka Chips Polka (1956) [It's Polka Time]
Duane Malinowski - Twilight Time
Johnnie Bomba & His Orchestra - Evening On The Shore Waltz [Old Fashioned Polkas]
Ampol - Aires
Pan Franek - Goose Girl Polka (1995) [Special Request]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Picnic Favorites Polka Medley #2 (2014) [Such A Happy Day]
Polskie Swingmasters - Seven Days & Seven Nights & Take Me Baby Polka Medley (2010) [J
Emily Bizon - Greatest Thing Waltz (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Girls Girls Girls Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Take 5 - Let's Go Bowling Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Buffalo Touch - Krakowiak Polka (2012) [Back In Touch]
Diva's, The - Diva's Polka, The (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Ucie Kala Polka (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Box On - Paloma Blanca Polka (2015) [Round Two]
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (E Show)
Jay & Janice Lochner - Family Polka Program (March 22, 2015)
Rich Suckiel - Polka Shindig Show (March 22, 2015)
Todd Zaganiacz - Polka Carousel (LIVE WMUA Simulcast)
Emily Bizon - This Little Light Of Mine Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Take 5 - Accordian Song Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Polskie Swingmasters - I Wonder Why Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Fairy Tale Waltz (2010) [2K10 The Next Phaze]
Chris Syms - A Swedish Tune Polka (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Peter J Danielczuk - Peter J's Polka Celebration WERG Show (March 22, 2015)
Joe & Debbie Wondolowski - Polka Celebration (March 22, 2015)
Jim Kucharski - CPM WERG SHOW (March 22, 2015)
Dick Ozimek - Cousin Ozzie's Basement (March 22, 2015)
Kenny Olowin - Hot American Polkas (LIVE WERG Simulcast)
Walt Wagner & The Polka Serenaders - Barbara In Springtime Polka (1995) [Polk
Polka Family - Mountain Park Polka (1999) [Family Favorites Volume II]
John Jaworski & The Keynotes - Young Lover Polka (Zalecal Sie
Felix Citkowicz & His Polka Band - Domino (78 RPM) (1959) [Stereo Goes To A Polka Party]
Lou Prohut & The Polka Rounders - Old Time Schottische (1962)
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Julie Waltz (1963) [Rex Years Volume I]
Lil' Wally - Lucky Stop Waltz
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - In The Woods Oberek (1964) [Something New Just For You]
Al Soyka & His Orchestra - Senorita Polka [On The Road Polkas]
Gene Wisniewski & His Harmony Bells Orchestra - Mocking Bird Oberek [Cavalcade Of Polkas]
Toledo Polkamotion - Clap Your Hands Polka (1992) [Party All Night]
Polka Sharps - 505 Polka (1964) [Hit Rage Of Our Age]
New England All - Stars
Eddie Forman Orchestra - A Song In Everybody's Heart Polka (1999) [A Song In Everybody's
Brass Express - Where Ever You Are Polka (1995) [Turning Point]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Whiskey & Beer Oberek (1994) [Polka Your Troubles Away]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - Who's That Girl Polka (1993) [Bandstand Favorites]
Polka Country Musicians - Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness Polka (1996) [Good Ol' Daze]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Why Why Why Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Take 5 - Sing With Me Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Jak Szybko Mijaja Chwile Waltz (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
New Direction - Lost My Shoes Polka (2012) [Follow Directions]
Polskie Swingmasters - Old Blue Jeans Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Oczy Dla Ciebie Polka (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Boys, The - Three Wishes Polka (2013) [Boysterous]
Stephanie - At The Dance Polka (2013) [Memory Lane]
Marisha Data & Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra - Bouquet Of Roses Waltz (1964) [Songs Of Marisha Data & Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra]
Box On - Iwana Girl
Bob Zielinski Band - Drummers Polka (1995) [More Polka Memories Volume II]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - Green Bridge Polka (1997) [That's Entertainment]
Polka Country Musicians - Two Beers Away Oberek (1993) [Back In Town]
Beat, The - Leaving Poland Polka (1998) [Meet The Beat]
Casey Homel - Someone's Knocking Polka (1998) [Hot & Honky]
Stephen Kaminski & The Dream Team - And My Heart's Still Loving You Waltz (1998) [Be Yourself]
Jersey Polka Richie - Honky Polka Classics Polka (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Eddie Zima & His Orchestra - My Katy Polka (1962) [Polka Through The Hills]
Connecticut Twins - Meadow To Meadow Polka (2005) [LIVE] [Live Polka Gems]
Matt Lewandowski - My Girlfriend Katie Polka (1994) [Max Out]
Randy Krajewski & Eric Hite - Sons Of LaGrange (LIVE)
John Stevens' Doubleshot - Young Fellow Oberek (2013) [Kickin' Polkas]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Yo Yo Polka (2014) [Polka Shoes]
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Because Your Blue Eyes Blink Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Tony's Polka Band - Wanda's Polka (2011) [Come & Listen]
Boys, The - My Destiny Waltz (2013) [Boysterous]
Rymanowski Brothers - Iron Foundry Polka (2010) [It's About Time]
Emily Bizon - Polkas On My Mind Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Mark VI - I Can't Forget Polka (2011) [Full Spectrum]
Polka Family - Brokenhearted Man Polka (2013) [Proud To Be Polish]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Fiddler's Polka (1965) [Polka Tour]
Casey & Rosemary Homel - I Love My Wife Waltz (1997) [Polka Saturday Night]
Henny & The Versa J's - Mountaineers Polka (1990) [A Tribute To Our Dad]
Matt Lewandowski - I Want You To Want Me Polka (2007) [Remember Me]
Boys, The - Falling & Flying Polka (2011) [A New Day]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Old Pine Tree Polka (LIVE)
Eddie Skinger - Easy Does It Oberek (1990) [Just Fiddlin']
New Direction - Party At My House Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestros Men - Sax On The Beach Polka (2006) [Decade]
Beat, The - Another Girl Polka (1999) [When I Saw You]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Saxo Polka (2012) [LIVE] [Vintage Bud]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Polka Hoe Down Polka [Saturday Night Polka]
John Jeski - Tutti Flutti Polka (1999) [Thank Heaven For Polkas]
Dynatones, The - Stomp Your Feet Polka [25th Anniversary Tour]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Don't Be Afraid Polka (2009) [Have A Shot With New Phaze]
Ted Lange & Power Supply - Tell The Boys Polka (2003) [I've Just Seen A Face]
New Tradition - Tunes From Chicago Polka (2004) [Outside The Box]
John Gora & Gorale - Cielito Lindo & Oh Marie Waltz Medley (2004) [Pangora's Box]
Toledo Polkamotion - Wartime Polka Medley (1992) [Party All Night]
Choice - Szkoda Baby Polka (1991) [Choice Cuts]
Bob Zielinski Band - My Gal Sally Oberek (1995) [More Polka Memories Volume I]
Big Steve & The Bellaires - Hosa Dyna Polka (1995) [Big Steve's Back]
Doctor Kielbasa - Hey Cavalier Polka (1997) [Doctor Is In]
John Gora & Gorale - Stolen Heart Waltz (1993) [Take A Spin]
Steel City Brass - Mountaineers Polka (1998) [Polish Picnic Favorites]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Sharpshooters Polka (1966) [From The Beginning]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - At Vito's Silver Wedding Polka (2014) [LIVE [LIVE At Musikfest]
Kenny Konopka - Polka Cafe (LIVE)
Downtown Sound - Heartbreaker Polka (2003) [All Wound Up]
Polka Music Sound - All Right Polika (2001) [Oh What A Feeling]
Li'l Richard & His Polka All Stars - Paczki Polka (2005) [Li'l Richard Sings]
Jersey Polka Richie - Bouncin' Bette's Polka (2003) [Concertina Double
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Wedding March Polka (2000) [Good Times Good Friends Good Music]
Ted Lange & Power Supply - Stolen Heart Waltz (2003) [I've Just Seen A Face]
Eddie Potoniec & Tower City Drive - I'm Confessing Polka (2009) [Picking Up The Pieces]
Change Of Pace - Kasia Polka (2006) [Raising The Bar]
Trel - Tones
Boys From Baltimore - Pabst Blue Ribbon Polka (1986) [Boys Having Fun]
Windy City Brass - Happy Boys Polka (1985) [Windy City Brass IV]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - In The Old Country Polka (1988) [Join The Polka Generation]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Boys & Girls Polka (1981) [Bundle Of Polkas]
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Scolding Mother Polka (1984) [Seems Like Old Times]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - All My Polka Friends Polka (1986) [Please Have Them Play A Polka Just For Me]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Moonshine Polka (1984) [Power Packed Polkas Of Distinction]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Vacation Time Polka (1978) [Toronto Polkas Go
Eddie Forman & His Polka Band - Open Up Your Heart Polka (1975) [Everybody Needs A Rainbow]
Chad Przybylski - Sitting By The Window Waltz (2002) [Most Valuable Polkas]
Concertina All Stars - Bass Polka (2007) [Dancing With The All Stars]
Charm City Sound - My Heart Skips A Beat Polka (2003) [Too Much Of A Good Thing]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Rozmowa Polka (2008) [Life's Too Short]
Rick Gazda - Laughing Polka (2009) [Summer Sessions]
Big Steve & The Bellares - Playboy Polka (2009) [Don't Say Nuttin' To Nobody]
Casey Homel - Happy Memories Waltz (1998) [LIVE] [Hot & Honky]
Stas Bulanda's Old School Review - Back In The Sianda Polka (2006) [Polkas Gone Wild]
Prime Time - May You Live Forever Polka (2005) [Frozen In Time]
One More Tyme - Tin Lizzie Polka (2005) [After All These Years]
Keith Stras - Searching Girl Polka (2013) [LIVE] [Honky Heaven]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Home At Last Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Rymanowski Brothers - Saxo Polka (2010) [It's About Time]
Polish Connection - Pork & Beans Oberek (2012) [Love You Forever]
Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - I Like Your Golabki Polka (2010) [A Blast From The Past]
Concertina All Stars - If I Had A Chance Polka (2007) [Dancing With The All Stars]
Traveling Musicians - Pod Nogi Polka (2005) [Polkas]
Polkadellics, The - Prelude To Celebration (2002) [One Step Over the Line]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - Polish Picnic Polka (2007) [Best Of John Stevens Doubleshot]
Stas Bulanda's Dyno Chicago - In The Sianda Polka (2001) [Rare Polkas Well Done]
Freeze Dried - Sea Cruise Polka (2006) [Fear Of Rubber Cushions]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Hot Pancake Polka (2011) [LIVE] [Live At Timmer's Grove]
Change Of Pace - All Night Long Polka (2006) [Raising The Bar]
Jan Cyman's Musicalaires - That Old Feeling Polka (2005) [Cyman Says]
Alliance, The - Highway 40 Blues Polka (2009) [Better Days To Come]
Eddie Siwicki & His Golden Bells Orchestra - World's Fair Oberek (1964) [Father & Son]
Matt Lewandowski - We Can Work It Out Polka (2007) [Remember Me]
Polka Family - Until the End Of Time (2008) [Let's Go Polka Dancing 2008]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - Lovesick Polka (2014) [Fred Ziwich's 60th Birthday Recording]
Chris Syms - Medley Of Kisses Oberek (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Mon Valley Push - Brand New Day Polka (2013) [Murphy's Law]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Sweet Elizabeth Polka (2013) [iHot]
Live - Polka Jammer Network
Dick Pillar & His Polkabration Band - Polka Fun Polka (1983) [Best Of Dick Pillar]
Brass Connection - Secret Meeting Polka (1993) [Blue Magic]
Vinny & The New Soundz - In My Garden Polka (1991) [Better Times]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Czumbalalajka Waltz (1998) [AniaBy Request]
Walt Wagner & The Polka Serenaders - Gray Horse Polka (1995) [Polk
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Barnyard Polka (1966) [Red Hot Polkas]
Tones, The - 4604 Oberek (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
Dyna Brass, The - Scotch On The Rocks Polka (1993) [In The Heat Of The Night]
Henny & The Versa J's - I Love You Because Polka (1993) [If I Could Be Like You]
Patrick & Leonard Nowak - Should Have Stayed Single Oberek (1996) [Polish Tradition]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Best Of Health Polka (1995) [Better Than Ever]
Richie Gomulka - Every Day Of My Life Polka (1974) [A Chicago Polka Tradition]
Dynatones, The - Stormy Clouds Polka (1974) [Buffalo Is A Polka Town]
47th Street Concertina Club - Concertina Hop Polka (1975) [Introducing The 47th Street Concer
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Rockin At Du Bois Polka (1972) [Tri State Polkas]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Last Night With You Polka (1978) [Update Those Good Old Polkas]
Modernaires, The - My Shoes Polka [One Way Only]
Polka Dots - Why Do You Hurt Me Waltz (1979) [Going Places]
Windy City Brass - Windy City Polka (1978) [Windy City Brass]
Knewz, The - No Gonna Drink Oberek (2013) [Eyewitness Knewz]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - I Kissed Her Two Lips Polka (2010) [2K10 The Next Phaze]
Soundsations, The - I Remember Polka (2012) [Just For Old Times Sake]
Rick Gazda - Pulaski Skyway Polka (2000) [Forget Me Not]
Stas Bulanda's Dyno Chicago - At The Front Polka (2001) [Rare Polkas Well Done]
Jersey Polka Richie - Lucy's Rendezvous Polka (2004) [Concertina Marathon]
Good Times - Little Bitty Tear Polka [For The Good Times]
Stephanie - Secret Love Waltz (2004) [Honky Polka Favorites Volume I]
Mark VI - Hey Wait For Me Polka (2004) [Eclectic Mix]
Hi - Notes
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - On The Radio Polka (2003) [Strike Up The Band]
Knewz, The - Let's Go Polka (2009) [Got Knewz]
Pan Franek - Hupaj Siupaj Polka (2008) [Sensation]
Zieminski Brothers Orchestra - Monday Morning Oberek [Lost & Found]
Li'l Richard & His Polka All Stars - Momma Told Me Polka (2005) [Li'l Richard Sings]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Nie Pojde Oberek (2008) [Life's Too Short]
Kevin Adams - Co Lubie Polka (2014) [Love Notes]
Diva's, The - Cyganeczka Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
New Brass Express - Nobody's Darlin' Waltz (2014) [Never Let Me Go]
Figiel Brothers - Getting Married Polka (2014) [Hard At Work]
Honky Express - Happy Birthday Johnnie Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
PA Express - White Eagle Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Box On - Polish Greeting Polka (2015) [Round Two]
Krew Brothers - Husia Susia Polka (2005) [LIVE] [LIVE Polka Gems]
Brass Express - Where You Going Sweetheart Polka (1991) [15th Anniversary]
Polka Family - Someday Soon (1996) [Let's Go Polka Dancing]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - I Don't Want To Marry Oberek (1994) [Horn If You're Honky]
Beat, The - Singing Birds Polka (1998) [Meet The Beat]
Stephen Kaminski & The Dream Team - Be Yourself Polka (1998) [Be Yourself]
Richie Gomulka - Richie Gomulka Waltz Show (March 27, 2015)
Honky Express - My Jedzie Boat Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
John Gora & Gorale - Butterfly (German Vocal) Polka (2013) [Butterfly]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Balowa Mazur (2014) [Polka Shoes]
Danny Mack - Honky Polka Girl Polka (2014)
Chris & Ronnie - Please Play That Polka Music Polka (2014) [Licks]
Toledo Polkamotion - I'm A Loser Polka (2001) [Beat Goes On]
Polka Rascals, The - Irene, My Polka Queen (2001) [Expose Yourself]
Mark VI - Hop Ciuk Polka (2002) [An Afternoon Of Polkas]
Prime Time - Stormy Clouds Polka (2005) [Frozen In Time]
Rich Raclawski - Sandpiper Polka (2013) [Keepers Of Honky]
Doctor Kielbasa - Dream Baby Pola (2000) [Just What The Doctor Ordered]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - I Need You Now (2001) [You're The Reason]
Matt Lewandowski - Back In The High Life (1999) [Back in The High Life]
Norm Dombrowski - Look For A Sweetheart Polka (2003) [Ya Ya Polkas]
Lenny Gomulka & The Chicago Pu - Whiskey & Beer/In The Afternoo
Joe Walega - Zielona Traweczka Polka [My He
Eddie Biegaj - Saturday Afternoon Variety Show (LIVE)
Bay State IV - Polka Stars Medley (1984) [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Lying In My Arms Polka (2002) [My Father's Shoes]
Brass Connection - Our Young Lady Polka (1997] [Our Polka Hero]
Bill Shibilski - Bill Shibilski's Polka Party (March 28, 2015)
John & Christy Krawisz - IPA Polka Show (March 28, 2015)
Joe Oberaitis - POLKAS 101 (March 28, 2015)
Bill Gula - POLKAMANIA (March 28, 2015)
City Side Band - Our Life Together (1999) [Just Like Downtown]
Jersey Polka Richie - Tell Me You Love Me Waltz (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Wanda & Stephanie - If Teardrops Were Pennies Polka (1992) [Polka Date]
Eddie Skinger - Benjy Polka (1990) [Just Fiddlin']
Dynatones, The - Here You Come Polka (1995) [Ania Meets The Dynatones]
Jerry Zahara & The Happy Stars - Life Together Polka (1996) [All Your Favorites]
Casey Homel - Krakow Oberek (1998) [Hot & Honky]
Joe Oberaitis & Ray Budzilek - Cleveland Krakowiak Polka (1990) [Two Guys From Cleveland]
John Jeski - Hey Cavalier Polka (1999) [Thank Heaven For Polkas]
Chet Kowalkowski & Eddie Nowak - Medley 3 Waltzes (1994) [Memories Of Marion]
D Street Band - Marching To The Music Polka (2011) [Blue Skies Ahead]
New Direction - To The Left Oberek (2014) [Clear Directions]
Diva's, The - Hey Hey Kawalerowie Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Ted Lange & Power Supply - I'm Happy Today Polka (2003) [I've Just Seen A Face]
Mon Valley Push - Congratulations Polka (2006) [Reality]
Freeze Dried - Devil Went Down To Chi
Orchestre Franck Marcy - Moja Dziewczyna (2006) [Nie Pij Tylka Graj]
One More Tyme - Going To A Wedding Polka (2005) [After All These Years]
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (March 29, 2015)
Jay & Janice Lochner - Family Polka Program (March 29, 2015)
Rich Suckiel - Polka Shindig Show (March 29, 2015)
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Orange Blossom Special Polka (2011) [Not Just Another Polka]
Alliance, The - Don't Cry Blue Polka (2011) [Spirit Carries On]
Box On - Till There Was You [Round Two]
Stephanie - Tell Me Polka (2010) [This Is Polka Music]
Joe & Debbie Wondolowski - Polka Celebration (March 29, 2015)
Jim Kucharski - CPM WERG SHOW (March 29, 2015)
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy WERG Show (March 29, 2015)
Dick Ozimek - Cousin Ozzie's Basement (March 29, 2015)
Bill Shibilski - Bill Shibilski's WFDU Polka Party (March 29, 2015)
Jersey Polka Richie - Dancing Fingers Polka (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Bob Zielinski Band - Beer Party Polka (1998) [More Polka Memories Volume III]
Crusade - Polish Daughter Polka (1999) [A Powerful Story]
Al Parks - Bus Ride Oberek (1999) [In A Polka Mood]
Stephanie - Johnny Came Knocking Polka (1988) [A Tribute To Wanda]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Once A Day Polka (1995) [Better Than Ever]
DynaBrass, The - When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver Waltz (1991) [Dream Lives O
Dynatones, The - Speaking Polish Polka [Where's Your Pants]
Frankie Gee Orchestra - Polish Girl Polka [Old Time Favorites]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Modern Oberek (2012) [LIVE] [Vintage Bud]
Freddie & Marsha Bulinski - Freddie's Fun House (LIVE)
Danny Mack - Remember Li' Wally (2010) [Me, Myself, & I]
Polka Pak - Nicki's Polka (2012) [Polka Pak LIVE]
PA Express - Roseanne Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Diva's, The - Mary's Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - Pleasant Valley Schottlander Waltz (2014) [Fred Ziwich's 60th
John Stevens Doubleshot - Haystack Polka (2014) [Such A Happy Day]
Mark VI - Tin Lizzie Polka (2002) [An Afternoon Of Polkas]
Freeze Dried - We Were Made For Each Other Polka (2009) [Degeneration Gap]
Polka Rascals, The - Your Love Is Like A Beacon (2001) [Expose Yourself]
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Beautiful You Polka (2009) [Movin' On]
One More Tyme - Walk Through This World With Me (2005) [After All These Years]
Charm City Sound - My Father Polka (2002) [Third Time's A Charm]
Matt Rosinski - This Time Polka (2004) [Matt Rosinski]
New Brass Express - Maybe One Polka (2004) [Take Us For A Ride]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - Theresa's Polka (2003) [Polkas In Black & White]
Traveling Musicians - MaryEllan Polka (2005) [Polkas]
Traveling Musicians, The - Where Were You (2005) [Polkas]
Twin Cities Soundz - Time To Change Polka (2008) [Time To Change]
A Touch Of Chicago - Stan & Ginger's Polka (2006) [Final Touch]
Squeezebox - Cowboy Sweetheart (2009) [Freshly Squeezed]
Kevin Solecki - Flight Of The Angels (2005) [Solecktions]
Prime Time - 10 O' Clock Polka (2008) [Polka Fireworks]
Change Of Pace - Amie Polka (2004) [You'll Be Back]
Alliance, The - Take Me Back Polka (2009) [Better Days To Come]
Polskie Swingmasters - Tell Me Stas Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Helena Polka (2013) [Kickin' Polkas]
Rich Raclawski - Stop & Go Polka (2010) [This Is Honky]
Figiel Brothers - Chicagoland Twirl Polka (2014) [Hard At Work]
Box On - Why Polka Medley (2015) [Round Two]
Zieminski Brothers Orchestra - Mother Of Mine Waltz [Lost & Found]
Chris & Ronnie - Got To Go Polka (2014) [Licks]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Dark Forest Polka (2011) [LIVE] [LIVE At Timmer's Grove]
Kevin Adams - Radosc Muzyka Polka (2014) [Love Notes]
Sounds, The - Everyone Loves Someone Polka (1982) [Great Polka Hits]
Boys From Baltimore - Is It Really Love Waltz (1989) [Classics]
Bay State IV - Going Ahead Polka (1982) [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Na Zdrowie Polka (1980) [All
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - I Wanna Wanna Polka (1989) [Good Ol' Days]
Jerry N' Al - Alvin & Melvin's Polka (1987) [Squeeze Box Serenade]
Dan Gury & The Dyna Dukes - Riding From Warsaw Oberek (1981) [Not Your Average Polka Band]
Bay State IV - Daddy's Polka (1982) [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Harvard Avenue Polka (1984) [Power Packed Polkas Of Distinct
DynaBrass, The - More I Know You Polka (2005) [Unfinished Business]
Stas Bulanda's Old School Review - Clocks In Tarnow Polka (2006) [Polkas Gone Wild]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Wishing Well Oberek (1964) [Rex Years Volume II]
Polka Music Sound - Happy Bachelor Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Pan Franek - Thank You For The Music Polka (2003) [Not Just Fiddling Around]
Eddie Potoniec & Tower City Drive - Ed & John's Oberek (2001) [Just Like Us Old But New]
Good Times - Used To Be Polka [For The Good Times]
Rick Gazda - Crystal Ball Oberek (1996) [Adventures In Mind Control]
Jerry Zahara & The Happy Stars - Chainsaw Polka (1996) [All Your Favorites]
Dennis Motyka & The Good Times - I Don't Love You Anymore Waltz (1997) [Do You Remember]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Nie Siadaj Nie Gadaj Polka (1998) [AniaBy Request]
John Jeski - Squeeze Box Oberek (1999) [Thank Heaven For Polkas]
New Tradition - Let's Tap The Keg Polka (1998) [All Tuned Up]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - Polka Dot Polka (1993) [Bandstand Favorites]
Rymanowski Brothers - I Can't Tell My Heart Polka (2010) [It's About Time]
Knewz, The - Green Bridge Polka (2013) [Eyewitness Knewz]
Chardon Polka Band - Edelweiss Waltz (2013) [A Fistful Of Polka]
Polskie Swingmasters - Holiday In Poland Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
IPA Tribute Band - Yesterday's Songs Polka (2012) [Yesterday's Songs]
Rich Raclawski - Lollipop Polka (2010) [This Is Honky]
Joe Oberaitis & Ray Budzilek - Lazy Daisy Polka (1990) [Two Guys From Cleveland]
Bob Zielinski Band - Bottoms Up Oberek (1998) [More Polka Memories Volume III]
Bruno Mikos & The Harmony Stars - All The Girls Polka (1995) [Back On The Bandstand]
Happy Richie's Polka Band - Boys & Girls Polka (1995) [Put On Your Dancing Shoes]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Rumba Dyna Polka (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Weselno Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
New Brass Express - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (2014) [Never Let Me Go]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - We Will Meet Again Polka (2014) [Breakdowns The Phaze That Nev
John Stevens Doubleshot - Mountaineer's Farwell Polka (2014) [Such A Happy Day]
Polkatowners Chapter 2 - Festival Time Polka (1998) [Polka Dancin' Pickles]
Rick Gazda - Jersey Jet Polka (1996) [Adventures In Mind Control]
Joey Milardo & The Musical Cavaliers - In The Country Waltz (1998) [The Polka Maestro's Last Farewell]
Stephen Kaminski & The Dream Team - Jolly Caballero Polka (1998) [Be Yourself]
Larry Chesky & His Orchestra - Ice Cubes & Beer Polka (1967) [Great Polkas]
Polka Country Musicians - At The Tavern Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
John Filipczak & The Classics - Pretty Polish Girl Polka (1992) [Encore]
Prime Drive - Leap Year Polka (1994) [Overdrive]
Crusade - Kathryn's Oberek (1998) [Utopia]
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - When I Go Marching Polka (1992) [Stormin' Polkas]
Bay State IV - Fallen Soldier Waltz [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Riverhead Polka (1986) [Please Have Them Play A Polka Just For Me]
Dynasticks, The - Order Yours Today Polka (1989) [Back On Track]
Mass Brass - Be My Baby Polka (1989) [Coming Your Way Soon]
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Lovesick Polka (1984) [Seems Like Old Times]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - Chicago Push Polka (1982) [DJ's Choice]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Steel City Oberek (1986) [Power Packed Polkas Of Distinction]
Steel City Brass - E
Polka Country Musicians - Strolling Girl Waltz (1995) [LIVE] [LIVE & Jam]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Jat Tam Polka (1999) [Do You Believe In Magic]
Casinos, The - Pretty Brown Eyes Polka (1968) [Polka Varieties]
Tones, The - Moonlight Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
Beat, The - Magitone Polka Medley (1999) [When I Saw You]
Joey Milardo & The Musicals Cavaliers - Barrel Of Fun Polka (1998) [Polka Maestro's Last Farewell]
Ania Piwowarczyk - Matus Moja Matus Oberek (1998) [AniaBy Request]
Frank Borzymowski & Friends - Until We Meet Again Polka (1999) [I Played Polkas]
Polka Express - Everybody's Talking Polka (1998) [Living The Good Life]
Honky Express - Polka Heaven Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Toledo Polkamotion - Congratulations Polka (1997) [LIVE] [Holy Toledo LIVE]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Three Cheers Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Little Star Oberek (2010) [2K10 The Next Phaze]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Siwi Kon Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Polka Family - I Wszyscy Tancuja Polka (2013) [Proud To Be Polish]
Jersey Polka Richie - Forty Years Of Polkas (2008) [Sunshine & Polkas]
Jimmy Kilian & Frankie Berendt - Polish Sausage Polka (2006) [We Sing & Play Just For You]
Touch Of Chicago - Good Day Polka (2001) [LIVE] [Every Day's A Polka Holiday]
John Stevens Doubleshot - I Miss You Polka (2002) [Image Of You]
Prime Drive - Open The Window Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Rozalinka Polka (2004) [It's All About The Music]
Florida Honky Polka Band - Swing 'n Sway Polka (2009) [Follow Us Back To Honky]
Fred Ziwich & The International Sound Machine - Polka Variations On Classical Themes (2009) [On The Other Side
Marisha Data & Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra - Meadowlark Oberek (1964) [Songs Of Marisha Data & Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra]
Pan Franek - Sad Movies (2004) [Family Tree]
Knewz, The - We Like It Polka (2008) [4th Edition]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - For Our Friends Waltz (1999) [For Our Friends]
Joe Oberaitis - Slovenian Polka Blast (April 02, 2015)
IPA Tribute Band - Hey Mr Concertina Polka (2012) [Yesterday's Songs]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Things We Wish For You Waltz (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Boys, The - I Love Only You Polka (2013) [Boysterous]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Where Are All The Boys Polka (2014) [Breakdowns The Phaze That
Touch Of Chicago - Tuba Polka (2003) [Arizona Style]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Back To The Sea Polka (2002) [Image Of You]
Florida Honky Polka Band - Farm Road Waltz (2009) [Follow Us Back To Honky]
John Filipczak & The Classics - Rosie From Jersey Polka (2004) [Simply Honky]
Polka Music Sound - Don't Close Your Eyes Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Chad Przybylski - I Love You Polka (2004) [Millenium Mile Reflections]
New Brass Express - Straw Hat Polka (2004) [Take Us For A Ride]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - Helen Polka (2007) [America's Most Requested Polkas]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - White Roses Waltz (2001) [LIVE] [LIVE & Kickin']
Mark VI - Chainsaw Polka (2004) [Eclectic Mix]
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (April 02, 2015)
Chardon Polka Band - Let Your Light Shine On Me Polka (2013) [A Fistful Of Polka]
Jimmy Kilian & Bobby Piven - Adam & Eve Polka (2010) [Unreleased Treasures]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Godfather Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Rich Raclawski - I Don't Want To Go Home Waltz (2010) [This Is Honky]
Diva's, The - If You Love Me Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Polish Annie Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Music & Girls Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Golden Tones - Balloon Polka (2012) [A Bunch Of Polkas]
Boys, The - My Dreams Polka (2011) [A New Day]
Joe Walega & His Happy Hearts - I Had A Wife Polka [King Of He
Eddie Blazonczyk & The Versatones - Tu I Tak I Tam Oberek (1978) [Roaring Polkas]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - Milwaukee Polish Fest Polka (2002) [Let The Good Times Roll]
Henny & The Versa J's - Without Dough Polka (1993) [If I Could Be Like You]
Ron & Kathy Raczkowski - Polkas In Vogue (LIVE)
Rhythm & Sound - Green Maple Polka (1995) [Feel The Rhythm Hear The Sound]
Hylites Of Baltimore - Steven's Point Oberek [Our Favorites]
Prime Drive - Wooden Heart Polka (1994) [Overdrive]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Fill Up The Glass Oberek (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Kevin Adams - Do You Love Me Polka (2014) [Love Notes]
PA Express - Your Love Is A Miracle Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Rich Raclawski - Secret Love Waltz (2010) [This Is Honky]
New Direction - Little Carol Polka (2012) [Follow Directions]
Matt Wasielewski & The Polka Jets - Twelve Angels Waltz (1970) [Matt's Polka Party]
Don Jodlowski's Vibrasounds - Green Grass Polka (1971) [Polka Magic]
King Brothers - Play Musicians Polka (1970) [Happy Tappy Polkas]
Bruno Mikos & The Harmony Stars - Oh Yeah Polka (1976) [Back To Me Beginning]
Windy City Brass - Hosa Horasa Oberek (1978) [Windy City Brass]
Richie Gomulka - Mother's Memories Polka (1973) [A Chicago Polka Tradition]
Jolly Joe Koziol - Mountain Strut Polka (1973) [Polkas To Go]
New Brass - Under The Oak Tree Polka (1974) [More Polka Sunshine]
Casey Homel Polka Stars - Our Secret Love Waltz (1976) [Polka Hits For '76]
Joe Oberaitis Band - Lament Formana Polka (1973) [Starodawne Polskie Piosenki Ludowe
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Annie's Oberek (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Polskie Swingmasters - Fire Fire & Firehouse Polka Medley (2010 [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Honky Express - Thank You Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Chris Syms - Birthday Polka (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Knewz, The - Welcome To Mystery Waltz (2013) [Eyewitness Knewz]
Golden Tones - I'll Marry You Next Saturday Polka (2012) [A Bunch Of Polkas]
Figiel Brothers - Across The Deep Bay Polka (2014) [Hard At Work]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Julida Polka (2013) [Kickin' Polkas]
Varitones, The - Iron Casket Oberek (2010) [Good Times Polkas]
John Gora & Gorale - Sail Away With Me Waltz (2013) [Butterfly]
Wally Dombrowski - Do You Want Me Polka (2008) [Back To Roots]
Pan Franek - Pretty Girl Polka (1995) [Special Request]
Rymanowski Brothers - Harlem Nocturne (2010) [It's About Time]
Jersey Polka Richie - Lovely Lucy's Polka (2008) [Sunshine & Polkas]
Charm City Sound - Bartenders Polka (1999) [Turn On The Charm]
Take 5 - Teddy's Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
City Side Band - We Are Gathered Here This Evening Waltz (2006) [Stas & Stella's
Pan Franek - Batory Oberek (2008) [Sensation]
Rick Gazda - Forget Me Not Polka (2000) [Forget Me Not]
Imperials Of Toledo - Army Polka (1997) [All Tuned Up]
Lil' Wally - Seven Roses Waltz (1997) [Jolly Times]
Brass Connection - Sing With Me Polka (1993) [Blue Magic]
Matt Lewandowski - Dynatones Obscure Polka Medley (1994) [Max Out]
Joey Milardo & The Musicals Cavaliers - Boom Boom Boom Polka (1998) [Polka Maestro's Last Farewell]
Dynatones, The - Town To Town Polka [Where's Your Pants]
Rhythm & Sound - Na Gnomez Bawimy Sie Oberek (1995) [Feel The Rhythm Hear The So
Knewz, The - Club 77 Polka (1992) [Have You Heard]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - Closing Theme Polka (2013) [Save The Music]
Alliance, The - Tell Me Girlie Polka (2011) [Spirit Carries On]
Twin Cities Soundz - When You Say Nothing At All Polka (2011) [Intrigue]
New Direction - It's Alright To Be A Polka Fan Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Bay State IV - Hanusia Polka (2010) [LIVE] [Days Gone Bye]
Polskie Swingmasters - Poor Boy Polka (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Polka Pak - All the Girls Polka (2012) [Polka Pak LIVE]
Polka Country Musicians - I'm All In Polka (2013) [Get Your Groove On]
Todd Zaganiacz - Saturday Afternoon Variety Show (LIVE)
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Polka A Go
Brass Connection - Fisherman Polka, The (2000) [How Blue]
Walt Wagner & The Polka Serenaders - Stepping Stone Oberek (1995) [Polk
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Poor Broke Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart Polka (2014) [Breakdowns Th
Charm City Sound - On The Far Side Of The Lake Polka (2001) [Charmed]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Going To Heaven Polka (1994) [Your Polka Sweethearts]
Craig Ebel - It's Polka Time (April 04, 2015)
Bill Shibilski - Bill Shibilski's Polka Party (April 04, 2015)
International Polka Association - IPA Polka Show (April 04, 2015)
Joe Oberaitis - POLKAS 101 (April 04, 2015)
Bill Gula - POLKAMANIA (April 04, 2015)
Bell - Hops, The
Eddie Olinski & His Orchestra - Skinny Wally Rhinelander (1963) [Two Guys From Buffalo]
Lou Prohut & The Polka Rounders - Hupaj Siupaj Polka (1962)
Stan Wolowic & The Polka Chips - Dreamy Fish Waltz
Johnny Dyno & HIs Dynamic Ten - Johnny & Chrissy Oberek [Tamborine Polka]
Eddie Zima & His Orchestra - Plenty Good Polka (1957) [Polka Through The Hills]
Zieminski Brothers Orchestra - King Karl Polka [Lost & Found]
Walt Solek & His Orchestra - Holka Polka (1961) [Plenty Fun]
Johnny Pecon & His Orchestra - Browns Polka [Moldie Oldie Goodies]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Gypsy Girl (1996) [Old New Borrowed Blue]
Toledo Polkamotion - Raindrops Polka (1998) [No Illusion]
Li'l Richard & His Polka All Stars - Young Gypsy Waltz (1998) [Echoes From Poland]
Henny & The Versa J's - Mother's Hands Polka (1998) [Mother's Hands]
Dick Pillar & His Orchestra - Connecticut Bands Polka [Best Of Steljo Volume I]
Polka Family - Do You Know You Are My Sunshine Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin'
Eddie Derwin & The Polka Naturals - Edziu's Polka (1998) [A Polka Roundup]
Steel City Brass - Where Are You Going Wojtus Oberek (1998) [Polish Picnic Favorit
Brass Connection - Sunday Morning Polka (1998) [This Time]
Chris Syms - Fly By Night Oberek (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Polka Generations - Pragna Polka (2010) [Times Are Changing]
Chris & Ronnie - Beautiful Sunday Polka (2014) [Licks]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Orphan Waltz (2013) [iHot]
Mon Valley Push - Boy From Daisytown Polka (2013) [Murphy's Law]
Jay & Janice Lochner - Family Polka Program (April 05, 2015)
Rich Suckiel - Polka Shindig Show (April 05, 2015)
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (April 05, 2015)
Joe & Debbie Wondolowski - Polka Celebration (April 05, 2015)
Kenny Olowin - Hot American Polkas (April 05, 2015)
Jim Kucharski - CPM WERG SHOW (April 05, 2015)
Major Mel - The Polka Party (LIVE WERG Simulcast)
Dick Ozimek - Cousin Ozzie's Basement (April 05, 2015)
D Street Band - Polka Summer Season Polka (2013) [99 Bottle D
Jimmy Kilian & Bobby Piven - Around Midnight Oberek (2010) [Unreleased Treasures]
Honky Express - Paper Roses Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Walt Procanyn Orchestra - Tuba Rocks Polka (2014) [Big Band & Polka Magic]
Freeze Dried - At The Hop Polka (2009) [Artistically Challenged]
Li'l Richard & His Polka All Stars - My Girl Polka (2005) [Li'l Richard Sings]
Pan Franek - Picnic Polka (2003) [Not Just Fiddling Around]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Here Comes The Accordion Man Polka (2006) [Dog Gone Good]
Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - Lucky Stop Waltz (2008) [On Deck With More Honky Polkas]
Gerry Kaminski's Merry Makers - Darlin' Don't Say No Polka (2003) [Top Shelf Polkas]
John Gora & Gorale - I Don't Know Why I Love You Polka (2013) [Butterfly]
Rich Raclawski - Sing With Me & Live Forever Polka (2013) [Keepers Of Honky]
Emily Bizon - One Two Three Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Freeze Dried - Ship Of Dreams Oberek (2003) [Deliberate Confusion]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Goral Polka (2014) [Such A Happy Day]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Take A Look Around Polka (2013) [iHot]
Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - Two Bucks Polka (2008) [On Deck With More Honky Polkas]
New Brass Express - Hard Times Polka (2004) [Take Us For A Ride]
Danny Mack & The Mark Buza Orchestra - Put Something Back (2008) [Polkas For Snowbirds]
Randy Krajewski & Eric Hite - Sons Of LaGrange (April 06, 2015)
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Belly Up Oberek (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Boys, The - Baby Blue Eyes Polka (2013) [Boysterous]
Honky Express - Sweet Kiss Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Box On - Till There Was You (2015) [Round Two]
Figiel Brothers - Our Company Polka (2014) [Hard At Work]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - Polka Weekend Fun (2010) [Overlooked]
Brass Express - Maryszka Moja Polka (1993) [15th Anniversary]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Tam Poznaniu (1996) [Old New Borrowed Blue]
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Dust Off The Music Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Polka Shoes Polka (2014) [Polka Shoes]
New Direction - On Top Of The Hill Waltz (2014) [Clear Directions]
PA Express - Never Go Away Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Three Roses Polka (2014) [Still Playin' Polkas]
Chardon Polka Band - Andrew The Mailman Polka (2013) [A Fistful Of Polka]
Brass Connection - Intro & Take A Chance Polka (1994) [Down Through The Years]
Concertina All - Stars
Jersey Polka Richie - Me & My Pal (2003) [Concertina Double
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Lazy Bones Polka
John Filipczak & The Classics - Until We Meet Again Waltz (1992) [Encore]
Lil' Wally - Jolly Times Polka (1997) [Jolly Times]
Polka Music Sound - Too Many Sweethearts Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - Hangin' On To You Polka (2013) [Save The Music]
Dick Pillar & His Polkabration - Alleluia [POLKA MASS & Songs O
DynaBrass, The - Hosa Horasa Oberek (1991) [Dream Lives On]
Joni Zychowski Minehart - Joni's Jammin' Polkas (LIVE)
Matt Martin - Polka Party Boulevard (April 07, 2015)
Stas Bulanda's Old School Review - Those Songs Polka (2009) [Glory Days]
Pan Franek - Warsaw Traveler Polka (2003) [Not Just Fiddling Around]
Alliance, The - Better Days To Come Polka (2009) [Better Days To Come]
HEXPlay - Ever Since Polka (2000) [HEXPlay]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - When I Was Marching Polka (2004) [It's All About The Music]
Stephanie - Ty Ry Ryt Kum Oberek (2010) [This Is Polka Music]
New Brass Express - Ballad Of A Lonely Man Polka (2014) [Never Let Me Go]
Jan Cyman & The Musicalaires - Keep Smiling Polka (2004) [A Cyman Sampler]
Big Steve & The Bellares - Happiness Is Polka Music Polka (2009) [Don't Say Nuttin' To Nob
Twin Cities Soundz - Get Out & Push Polka (2006) [In The Meantime]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Furman Polka (2003) [Happy Memories]
Alliance, The - Four Miles From Warsaw Waltz (2009) [Better Days To Come]
Traveling Musicians - At The Table Polka (2005) [Polkas]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Tup Tup Polka (2001) [Music Maestros Please]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Call On Me Oberek (1999) [Do You Believe In Magic]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Chicago Is A Polka Town Polka (1994) [Horn If You're Honky]
Polkatown Sound - Mary's Knocking (1991) [Classic Edition]
New Direction - Our Mary Waltz (2012) [Follow Directions]
Diva's, The - Bella Marie Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Emily Bizon - Baby Doll Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Sweet Bippy Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Toledo's Polkamotion - Raindrops Polka (1986) [Polkas In Motion]
Boys From Baltimore - My Girl's All Mine Polka (1986) Boys Having Fun]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Cheating But I Don't Care Oberek (1984) [Polka Fireworks]
Scrubby & Sunshine - Up The Creek Polka (1986) [Polka Life]
Brass Connection - Hosa Dyna Polka (1985) [Got No Reason]
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Pin Up Girl Polka (1983) [Seems Like Old Times]
Music Company - Thank God I'm A Country Boy Polka (1986) [We're Pullin' Together]
Jolly Joe Koziol - Blue Skies Polka [Polkas To Go]
Joe Walega & His Happy Hearts - Tell Me Why Polka (1979) [Heart Warming Polkas]
Heavy Chicago - Crazy About You Oberek (1978) [Nobody Does It Better]
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Barbara Polka [Eddie Forman's Polka Hits]
Patrick Nowak & Friends - Czaj Czaj Polka (1981) [Polish Fiddler]
Lil' Teddy - Sleep My Cindy Waltz (1983) [Lil' Teddy Plys & Sings For You]
Bay State IV - Sweet Sixteen Polka [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Dynatones, The - Oj Joj Joj Polka (1989) [Power Of 10]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Give Me Back Polka (1986) [Please Have Them Play A Polka Just For Me]
Ania Piwowarczyk - DJ Polka (1998) [Come Dance With Me]
Wanda & Stephanie - Come To Me Polka (1999) [Polka Hall Of Fame Wanda Pietrzak]
Al Parks - Lincoln Center Polka (1999) [In A Polka Mood]
Bob Zielinski Band - Tipsy Joe Polka (1995) [More Polka Memories Volume II]
Music Company - Chained To A Pole Oberek (1996) [Volume 1 1
Henny & The Versa J's - Violins Plays For Me Polka (1990) [A Tribute To Our Dad]
Dick Pillar & His Polkabration Band - Oj Oj Oj Polka (1997) [Everybody Polka]
Ray Budzilek & The Polka - Town Boys
Jersey Polka Richie - Czarnina Polka (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Happy Richie's Polka Band - On The Other Hand Polka (1993) [Born To Polka]
Knewz, The - Without Your Love My Darling Waltz (1992) [Have You Heard]
Prime Drive - Snake With A Sweater Polka (1994) [Overdrive]
Johnny Pecon & His Orchestra - Hoop Dee Doo Polka [Moldie Oldie Goodies]
Full Circle - Good Time Charlie Polka (2009) [LIVE] [LIVE At Pulaski Polka Da
Stas Bulanda's Average Polka Band - Rocky Mountain Polka Medley (1993) [Bandstand Favorites]
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Fiddlin' Mountainer Polka (1999) [A Song In Everybody's Heart]
Beat, The - Don't Go Oberek (1999) [When I Saw You]
D Street Band - Somewhere In Between Polka (2013) [99 Bottle D
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Love Bird Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Wanda's Polka [LIVE] (2006) [Stas Golonka LIVE]
Polka Pak - Concertina Cocktail Polka (2012) [Polka Pak LIVE]
Boys, The - She's Got To Learn Oberek (2013) [Boysterous]
Walt Wagner & The Polka Serenaders - Slovenian Waltz Medley (1995) [Polk
Joe Oberaitis & Ray Budzilek - Trip To Poland Polka (1990) [Two Guys From Cleveland]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Polish Festival Polka (1966) [From The Beginning]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestros Men - Maestro Ray (1999) [Once More From The Top]
Dynatones, The - Byl Raz Chlopak Oberek (1995) [Ania Meets The Dynatones]
Beat, The - Two Pretty Girls Oberek [Jammin' In The Basement]
Henny & The Versa J's - Zosia Polka (1990) [A Tribute To Our Dad]
Toledo Polkamotion - Bartenders Polka (1998) [No Illusion]
Joe Oberaitis - Slovenian Polka Blast (April 09, 2015)
Dick Pillar & His Polkabration Band - Annie Did It Wrong Polka (1988) [Polkabrate]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - If I Get To Heaven With You Polka (1982) [DJ's Choice]
Bob Zagozda - Gin & Squirt Polka (1987) [Oh Boy It's Polka Joy]
Patrick Nowak & Friends - Tell Me Whose Girl Are You Waltz (1981) [Polish Fiddler]
Casey Siewierski Orchestra - Polish Broadway Polka (1980) [Let's Dance]
Boys From Baltimore - In The Tall Castle Polka (1981) [The Boys]
Polkatown Sound - How Married Are You Marianne Polka (1989) [Polkatown Sound]
Bay State IV - Barmaid Oberek [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Scrubby & Sunshine - First Time Polka (1986) [Polka Life]
Rich Raclawski - Sawyer Oberek (2010) [This Is Honky]
One More Tyme - Sweet Bippy Polka (2005) [After All These Years]
Big Daddy Lackowski - Bright Star Polka (2002) [Throughout The Years]
Polish Connection - Just A Memory Polka (2007) [Good Clean Fun]
Mark VI - I Do Believe In Magic Polka (2004) [Eclectic Mix]
Box On - In The Afternoon Oberek [Round Two]
Walt Procanyn Orchestra - Just Because Polka (2014) [Big Band & Polka Magic]
Honky Express - Angel Baby Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Lovely Little Lorin Polka (2013) [iHot]
Knewz, The - Still In Love Waltz (2013) [Eyewitness Knewz]
Kevin Adams - When I Was Just A Kid Polka (2014) [Love Notes]
D Street Band - Sad & Lonely Polka (2013) [99 Bottle D
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Polka Cuzzins Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Kielbasa Kings - Elu Moja Polka (2003) [Missing Link]
Honky Express - Drinking Together Polka (2010) [Polka Heaven]
Li'L Richard and his Polka All - Stars
Dyna Brass, The - Give Me Your Heart Oberek (1993) [In The Heat Of The Night]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Roll Out The Barrel Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
City Side Band - Sto Lat Polka (2006) [Stas & Stella's Mostly Traditional Polish
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - He's Got You Polka (1997) [Home Is Where The Heart Is]
Rick Gazda - Krakowiak Polka (1996) [Adventures In Mind Control]
Casey Siewierski Orchestra - Little Doll Polka (1965) [Early Hits]
Marion Lush & The Sounds - Dzien Dobry Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
Matty Rock & Johnny Jay - Pulaski Skyway Polka (1998) [Through The Years]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Who'd Like To Love Ya Polka (1999) [Do You Believe In Magic]
Energy - Fill Up The Glass Oberek (1994) [Shine A Little Light]
Brass Express - Melody Of Love Polka (1997) [Hey Diddle Diddle]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Polka Bells Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Chris Syms - Monkey On A Hot Tin Roof Polka (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume
Steve Drzewicki Band - Potato Chip Polka (2014) [Polka Shoes]
Knewz, The - Pickles & Peppers Polka (2009) [Got Knewz]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - Czyganezcka Polka (2002) [Image Of You]
Matt Rosinski - Buffalo Polka (2004) [Matt Rosinski]
Li'l Richard & His Polka All Stars - Theresa's # 2 Polka (2005) [Li'l Richard Sings]
Change Of Pace - Changed Drinking Song Polka (2001) [Room For Change]
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Sad & Lonely Polka (2001) [Bride & Groom]
Casey Homel - Hot Box Polka (2001) [Foot Stompin' Polkas]
Pala Brothers - I'm From Cracow Oberek (1971) [Latest & Greatest]
Polka Dots - Alvin's Polka (1979) [Going Places]
Wesoly Bolek - Yes Sir She's My Baby Polka [Sing Along With Bolek]
Heavy Chicago - Ja Cie Kocham Sweetheart Polka (1978) [Nobody Does It Better]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Tylko We Lwowie Polka (2009) [Raise Your Glasses]
Good Times - I Had A Wife Polka (2001) [For The Good Times]
Jolly Rich & The Polka Stars - Moonlight Polka (2004) [Star Struck]
Polka Rascals, The - Josh Fought The Battle Of Jericho (2001) [Expose Yourself]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Cradle Waltz (2003) [Happy Memories]
Rick Gazda - Teenagers Polka (2009) [Summer Sessions]
New Direction - Searching Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Rymanowski Brothers - How Swiftly Time Passes Waltz (2010) [It's About Time]
Mark VI - Loituma's Polka (2011) [Full Spectrum]
Richie Gomulka - Richie Gomulka Waltz Show (April 10, 2015)
Casey Homel - Farewell Oberek (2000) [A Tribute To Zima & Siewierski]
City Side Band - Minor Yours Polka (2001) [Perfect Harmony]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Touch & Go Polka (2009) [Don't Stop The Music]
Alliance, The - Siwy Kon Polka (2009) [Better Days To Come]
Touch Of Chicago - Get Lucky Polka (2000) [Honky
John Stevens' Doubleshot - I've Got A Question (2007) [Best Of John Stevens' Doubleshot]
Lou Prohut & The Polka Rounders - Od Krzaczka Do Krzaczka Oberek (1962)
Stas Bulanda's Old School Review - Live It Up Polka (2006) [Polkas Gone Wild]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - When I Look Into Her Eyes Polka (2007) [Batteries Not Included]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Polka For Trumpets Polka (2012) [LIVE] [Vintage Bud]
Polkatown Sound - Bride Dance Polka (1992) [Cutting Edge]
Polka Family - Honky Jam Polka (1993) [Polka Music Fan]
Joey Milardo & The Musical Cavaliers - It's Okay Oberek (1998) [Polka Maestro's Last Farewell]
Hylites Of Baltimore - City Hall Polka [Our Favorites]
Doctor Kielbasa - Pass It On Polka (1997) [Doctor Is In]
Polskie Swingmasters - Warshofski Oberek (2010) [Jammin' At The Cabin]
Take 5 - Nice Pierogies Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Stephanie - Seven Days Without You Polka (2012) [Honky Polka Favorites Volu
New Direction - She Wants Me Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - When We Met (2003) [Gonna Have A Party]
Detroit Polka Authority - Andziu's Polka (2005) [LIVE] [Live Polka Gems]
Good Times - Margie Is My Girlfriend Polka [For The Good Times]
New Tradition - Shattered Dreams (2004) [Outside The Box]
Prime Time - Green Bridge Polka (2008) [Polka Fireworks]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - My Beauty Queen Oberek (1967) [Polish Party]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Pada Deszczyk Polka (2005) [A Tribute To Li'l Wally]
Matt Rosinski - What Goes On Polka (2004) [Matt Rosinski]
Nickel City Notes - Staro Baba Oberek (2008) [Spare Change]
Crusade - Genius Polka (2001) [In Response To Exile]
Cynor Classics - Bright Star Polka (2009) [Playing It Chicago Style]
Beat, The - Wishes Come True Oberek (1998) [Meet The Beat]
Emily Bizon - Hey Cavalier Polka (2014) [Polkas On My Mind]
Stephanie - Come On Polka (2005) [Are You Ready I Can't Hear You]
Pan Franek - Aching Head Polka (1995) [Special Request]
Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric E - Funny Bunny Polka [Here We Are
Ray Jay & The Carousels - Going Steady Oberek [Hall Of F
The Dynabrass - In The Heat Of The Night Polka
Polka Tones - Grand Fathers Polka
Craig Ebel - It's Polka Time (April 11, 2015)
Bill Shibilski - Bill Shibilski's Polka Party (April 11, 2015)
Peter J Danielczuk - IPA Polka Show (April 11, 2015)
Joe Oberaitis - POLKAS 101 (April 11, 2015)
Bill Gula - POLKAMANIA (April 11, 2015)
Keith Stras - Polka Get Together Show (LIVE)
Concertina All Stars - Chocolate Soda Polka (2007) [Dancing With The All Stars]
Casey Homel - Hey Ha Um Pa Pa (2000) [A Tribute To Zima & Siewireski]
Larry Chesky & His Orchestra - Wild Bull Oberek [Great Polkas]
Steel City Brass - Siwy Kon Polka (2002) [Polish Picnic Favorites II]
Stephanie - Edziu's Oberek (2005) [Are You Ready I Can't Hear You]
Polka Family - Zagrajcie Tra La La Polka (2008) [Hungry For More]
Polka Country Musicians - Sold! Polika (1996) [Good Ol' Daze]
New Tradition - Friends & More Waltz (1998) [All Tuned Up!]
Bob Zielinski Band - Carpenters Polka (1995) [More Polka Memories Volume II]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Club 302 Polka (2012) [For The Love Of The Music]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Trumpeter's Laendler Waltz (2013) [iHot]
Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - Times Have Changed Polka (2011) [Polkas From The Windy City]
Mark VI - Who Can Blame You Polka (2011) [Full Spectrum]
Polish Connection - Love You Forever Polka (2012) [Love You Forever]
Rich Suckiel - Polka Shindig Show (April 12, 2015)
Jay & Janice Lochner - Family Polka Program (April 12, 2015)
Todd Zaganiacz - Polka Carousel WERG Show (April 12, 2015)
Joe & Debbie Wondolowski - Polka Celebration (April 12, 2015)
Eddie Biegaj - Bad Boy Show (April 12, 2015)
Jim Kucharski - CPM WERG SHOW (April 12, 2015)
Dick Ozimek - Cousin Ozzie's Basement (April 12, 2015)
Charm City Sound - A Reason A Season A Lifetime Polka (2003) [Too Much Of A Good T
Big Steve & The Bellares - Siwy Kon Polka (2009) [Don't Say Nuttin' To Nobody]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Krakowianka Oberek (2009) [Don't Stop The Music]
Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - No You Don't Jane Polka (2008) [On Deck With More Honky Polkas]
Energy - I Remember (1994) [Shine A Little Light]
Brass Connection - Just In Case & You Are My Sweetheart Now & A Girl Like You Polk
John Filipczak & The Classics - Memories Of You Waltz (1991) [Back Again]
Music Company - Lookin' To Find A New Lover Polka (1996) [Volume 1 1
Hylites Of Baltimore - Do You Love Me Polka [Our Favorites]
Freddy K Band - Split Shot Polka (1994) [Remember When]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Drinking Vodka Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Rich Bobinski Orchestra - It Never Rains On A Polish Picnic Polka (2014) [Something Old & Something New]
Casey Siewierski Orchestra - Pleasant Years Waltz (1965) [Early Hits]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Visit To Poland Polka (2001) [LIVE] [LIVE & Kickin']
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Hot Rod Lincoln Polka (2009) [Polka Cola]
Steve Adamczyk & His Hungry Six - Mother's Favorite Oberek (1962) [Polkas With Pep]
Stas Bulanda's Old School Review - That's Why They Call It A Love Song Polka (2006) [Polkas Gone
Stephanie - Everybody Sing Along Polka (2004) [Honky Polka Favorites Volume
The DynaBrass - Tu I Tam Oberek (2005) [Unfinished Business]
Prime Time - I Play In A Honky Band Polka (2008) [Polka Fireworks]
Eddie Derwin & The Polka Naturals - Under Our Window Waltz (1998) [A Polka Roundup]
Henny & The Versa J's - Leaving For The Front Polka (1990) [A Tribute To Our Dad]
Frank Borzymowski & Friends - We're Goin' Out Polka (1999) [I Played Polkas]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - My Best Friend Polka (2011) [Office Party]
IPA Tribute Band - Climb The Mountain Polka (2012) [Yesterday's Songs]
Rich Raclawski - Don't Cry My Love Polka (2010) [This Is Honky]
Polka Sharps - Pretty Eyes Waltz (1964) [Hit Rage Of Our Age]
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Krakowiak Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Henny & The Versa J's - My River Waltz (1998) [Mother's Hands]
Casey & Rosemary Homel - Oj Dana Polka (1997) [Polka Saturday Night]
Brass Express - My Shoes Polka (1995) [Turning Point]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Tad Pod Krakowym (1996) [Old New Borrowed Blue]
Freddy K Band - Dream Polka (1994) [Remember When]
Brass Connection - Nine Hour Drive Polka (1993) [Blue Magic]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - O Jej Waltz (1994) [Always Forever & A Day]
Vinny & The New Soundz - Polish Highlander Polka (1991) [Better Times]
Jersey Polka Richie - Play That Concertina Polka (1997) [Polka Richie Classics]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Mountaineer Polka [The Rex Years Volume 2]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - You Are My One True Love Waltz (2014) [LIVE [Live At Musikfest]
Polka Express - Life Is Good Polka (1998) [Living The Good Life]
Dynatones, The - Bring Me Those Polish Boys Polka (1995) [Ania Meets The Dynaton
Prime Drive - Behind The Door Oberek (1994) [Overdrive]
Pan Franek - Weekend Star Polka (1999) [Polka Weekend Stars]
John Gora & Gorale - Honeymoon Polka (1990) [Ready For Takeoff]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - Beer Garden Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Al Soyka & His Orchestra - Lucky Dog Polka (1962) [High Stepping Polkas]
Jimmy K - Green Grove Waltz (2013) [LIVE] [Honky Heaven]
Energy - We Will Dance Then Polka (1991) [Get Energized]
Vinny & The New Soundz - He Don't Deserve You Polka (1991) [Better Times]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Iron Casket Oberek (1994) [Horn If You're Honky]
Beat, The - Mother's Garden Polka (1999) [When I Saw You]
Knewz, The - This Songs For You Polka (1992) [Have You Heard]
John Stevens Doubleshot - Overlooked Polka (2010) [Overlooked]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Polish Lullabye Waltz (2011) [Office Party]
Matt Lewandowski - Everytime You Say Goodbye Polka (2007) [Remember Me]
New Tradition - Concertina Misdemena Polka (2004) [Outside The Box]
Mon Valley Push - Weeping Willow Waltz (2006) [Reality]
Jimmy Homel's Changing Times - I'm Confessing Polka (2005) [Polka Spirit Of Chicago]
Rick Gazda - Sweetheart Polka (2009) [Summer Sessions]
Polka Family - Simple Girl Polka (2004) [West Coast]
Michigan Connection - Walt & Annie's Polka (2007) [Polka Party Time]
Touch Of Brass - Peanuts Polka (2008) [Silver Salute]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Helen Polka (2014) [LIVE] [LIVE At Musikfest]
Beat, The - About A Letter Polka (1998) [Meet The Beat]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Sticky Fingers Polka (2005) [LIVE] [Live Polkas Gems]
Marty Swiatek & RBO - Buffalo Oberek
Happy Richie's Polka Band - Honky Polka Medley # 3 (1993) [Born To Polka]
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - Dyngus Day In Crumstown Polka (2014) [Breakdowns The Phaze That
Joe Rock & His Orchestra - Bulls Eye Polka (1961) [Polkarama]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestros Men - Mother Of Mine Waltz (1999) [Once More From The Top]
Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic - Young Men's Polka (1996) [Old New Borrowed Blue]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Night After Night Polka (2009) [Raise Your Glasses]
Modernaires, The - Army Polka [Playing Your Kind Of Music]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Let's All Sing Polka (1972) [Tri State Polkas]
Heavy Chicago - Farm Girl Polka (1978) [Nobody Does It Better]
Jolly Joe Koziol - Old Grey Mare Polka (1973) [Polkas To Go]
Eddie Forman & His Polka Band - Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka (1975) [Everybody Needs A Rain
Dial A Tones - Life Of A Musician Polka (1975) [Something Old Something New]
Canadian Fiddlestix - In Jaroslav Polka (1977) [Only The Beginning]
Joe Oberaitis Band - Pognala Wolki Polka (1973) [Starodawne Polskie Piosenki Ludowe]
Henny & The Versa J's - Happy Birthday Polka (1989) [Three Generations Of Polkas]
Scrubby & Sunshine - Heel Spur Oberek (1985) [Heat]
John Ryczek & Sons - Over My Cradle Polka [Blazing Polkas]
Patrick Nowak & Friends - Krakowiak Polka (1982) [Polka Revue]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - When I Leave Polka (1984) [Polka Fireworks]
Toledo's Polkamotion - Happy Birthday Johnny Polka (1986) [Polkas In Motion]
Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push - Evening In May Waltz (1982) [DJ's Choice]
Michael Costa's Limelite - White Table Polka (1987) [Let There Be Lite]
G - Notes
Windy City Brass - Life Can Be Beautiful Polka (1985) [Windy City Brass IV]
Polka Family - Na Zielonej Loce (2008) [Hungry For More]
Toledo Polkamotion - Girl At My Side Polka (2001) [Beat Goes On]
New Direction - On My Way To Kathy's Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Matt Martin - Polka Party Boulevard (April 14, 2015)
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - Where Are You Going Mary Polka (2008) [Back To Back Hall Of Fam
New Brass Express - Birds & Bees Polka (2004) [Take Us For A Ride]
Knewz, The - Forever & For Always Polka (2008) [4th Edition]
Casey & Rosemary Homel - White Eagle Polka (1997) [Polka Saturday Night]
Dynatones, The - Tony & Aggie Polka (1993) [25th Anniversary Tour]
Dick Pillar & His Polkabration Band - Take Me Baby Polka (1997) [Everybody Polka]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Bottoms Up Oberek (1992) [Clarinet & Accordion Magic]
Bruno Mikos & The Harmony Stars - She's Not You Polka (1995) [Back On The Bandstand]
Joe Oberaitis & Ray Budzilek - Cuckoo Bird Polka (1990) [Two Guys From Cleveland]
Henny & The Versa J's - Jasiek & The Maiden Waltz (1998) [Mother's Hands]
Jerry Darlak & The Touch - My Treasure Polka (1999) [For Our Friends]
Wesoly Bolek - Co Sie Stalo Polka (1964) [Sing Along With Bolek]
Detroit Polka Authority - I Won't Forget Waltz (2005) [LIVE] [Live Polka Gems]
Polka Pak - Thinking Of You (2012) [Polka Pak LIVE]
Pennsylvania Merrymakers - Excuse Me Polka (2013) [Reunion]
Take 5 - Sounds Of Music Polka (2014) [Musically Yours]
Ray Henry & His Orchestra - Blue Waltz (1960) [Ballroom Polkas]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Ukrainia Polka (2001) [LIVE] [LIVE & Kickin']
Alliance, The - Long List Of Heartaches Polka (2011) [Spirit Carries On]
Family Tradition Polka Band - There's A Girl Polka (2006) [Time For Another One]
Rick Gazda - Bernie Cosnoski Oberek (2000) [Forget Me Not]
Joe Oberaitis Band - Vicki's Polka (2004) [Polkaitis]
Patrick & Leonard Nowak - Willie's Wedding Polka (1999) [Polish Tradition]
DynaBrass, The - I Only Want To Be With You Polka (1993) [In The Heat Of The Nig
Freddy K Band - Daddy Told Me Oberek (1994) [Remember When]
Wanda & Stephanie - Knock Knock Knock Polka (1999) [Polka Hall Of Fame Wanda Pietra
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Polish Wedding Medley Polka (1999) [A Song In Everybody's Heart
Stephanie - Lonely Without You Waltz (1998) [A Tribute To Wanda]
Dynatones, The - Happy Life Polka (1983) [XV & IX]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Polka Love Stars Polka (1988) [Super Duper Polkas]
Canadian Fiddlestix - Mary Jane Polka (1982) [High On Polkas]
Holy Toledo Polka Stars - Roulette Polka (1977) [Poland Tour]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - At The Dance Polka (1973) [Polka Hits]
Joe Walega & His Happy Hearts - Hop Sa Dyna Polka (1977) [More Happy Polkas]
Eddie Forman & His Polka Band - Girls From Chicago Polka (1973) [Tiger By The Tail]
Ed Guca's Polish Canadians - Anna Maria Waltz [Toronto Polkas Go
Bill Czerniak & Polka Soul - Oh Yeah Polka (1978) [Road To The Hall Of Fame]
Rick Vinecki's Melody Kings - Hi Bounce Polka (1985) [Stoned On Polkas]
Mass Brass - Just Another Heartache Polka (1989) [Coming Your Way Soon]
Dan Gury & The Dyna Dukes - Sweet Memories Polka (1980) [Second Time Around]
Boys From Baltimore - Making Memories Polka [The Boys]
Bay State IV - Sure Sure It's Alright Polka [From A To Z: The Complete Bay Sta
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Will You Be Mine Oberek (1982) [Custom Made Polkas]
Brass Express - Frankie's Polka (1995) [Turning Point]
Polka Express - The Good Life (1998) [Living The Good Life]
Dynatones, The - Only You Oberek [Where's Your Pants]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Wooden Nickel Polka (1994) [Horn If You're Honky]
Toledo Polkamotion - Unspoken Moments Polka (1993) [Visions]
Steve Drzewicki Band - Winter Lament Waltz (2014) [Polka Shoes]
Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men - Live Laugh Love Polka (2013) [Enjoy The Little Things]
Rick Gazda - Wine Women & Polka [Forget Me Not]
Nickel City Notes - Jedzie Boat Polka (2008) [Spare Change]
Good Times - So Long So Long Polka (2001) [For The Good Times]
Eddie Forman Orchestra - 2
Polka Music Sound - Always In My Heart Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Mark VI - 7 Come 11 Polka (2002) [An Afternoon Of Polkas]
Polka Rascals, The - Snowbird (2001) [Expose Yourself]
Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra - Antek's Oberek (1968) [From The Beginning]
John Stevens' Doubleshot - Sweet Lies (2007) [Best Of John Stevens' Doubleshot]
Roger Majewski & The Harmony Kings - Good Spirits (2003) [One Of A Kind]
Pan Franek - I'll Be Blue Polka (1995) [Special Request]
Knewz, The - Deja Vu (All Over Again) Polka (1992) [Have You Heard]
Al Parks - After Dinner Oberek (1999) [In A Polka Mood]
Beat, The - Bitter End Polka (1998) [Meet The Beat]
John Filipczak & The Classics - It's Over Polka (1992) [Encore]
Toledo Polkamotion - Sweetheart Waltz Medley (1993) [Visions]
Bay Staters - Candy Land Polka (1966) [Bay State's Finest Polkas]
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Sugar Daddy Polka (2012) [LIVE] [Vintage Bud]
Dyna Brass, The - Oriental Hula Polka (1993) [In The Heat Of The Night]
Diva's, The - All I Ever Need Is You Polka (2013) [A Girl's Night Out]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Which One Should I Choose Waltz (1964) [Something New Just For
Tony Blazonczyk's New Phaze - In Rzeszowie Polka (2010) [2K10 The Next Phaze]
Joe Oberaitis - Chicago Bum Oberek (2013) [LIVE] [Honky Heaven]
Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo - Fluttering Eyes Polka (2013) [iHot]
PA Express - Polka Menagerie Polka (2013) [I Wanna Dance]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - You Can't Judge The Book By It's Cover Polka (1995) [Better Tha
Eddie Forman Orchestra - Young Bachelor Polka (1999) [A Song In Everybody's Heart]
Henny & The Versa J's - Lucky Horseshoe Polka (1998) [Mother's Hands]
Steel City Brass - Clarinet Polka (1998) [Polish Picnic Favorites]
Polka Family - Oberek Medley (1997) [Family Favorites Volume I]
Polkatown Sound - Tinker Polka (1995) [Made To Order]
Crusade - Polka Rules Polka (1998) [Utopia]
Happy Richie's Polka Band - Three Girls In My Life Waltz (1993) [Born To Polka]
Wanda & Stephanie - My Polish Lover Polka (1992) [Polka Date]
Ray Henry & His Orchestra - Buffalo Bill Polka (1964) [Play It Again Ray]
Bay State IV - Red Rose Polka (1986) [From A To Z: The Complete Bay State IV]
Mass Brass - I Love You Baby Polka (1989) [Coming Your Way Soon]
DynaBrass, The - Jedzie Boat Polka (1988) [Sneak Preview]
Brass Connection - Roving Days Polka (1984) [Energy]
Joe Oberaitis Band - Rubber City Polka (1974) [Polkas By Pan Juzef]
Stas Golonka & The Chicago Masters - Life Together Polka (1976) [Best Of Stas Golonka]
Dynasticks, The - You'll Regret It Oberek (1978) [Detroit's Spirit Of Polkas]
Marty Swiatek & Teri Arensman - Waves From Wildwood (April 16, 2015)
Canadian Fiddlestix - Orange Blossom Special Polka (1982) [High On Polkas]
Lil' Teddy - Soldier Boy Polka (1983) [Lil' Teddy Plays & Sings For You]
This N That - I'd Rather Be In Jail Polka (1988) [A Little Of This N A Little
Toledo's Polkamotion - Take My Hand Forever Polka [Polka Heaven 87]
Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones - Day Of The Wedding Polka (1986) [Another Polka Celerbration]
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Sounds, The - Pennsylvania Hills Polka (1987) [Soundsational Polkas]
Varitones, The - White Eagle Polka (2010) [Good Times Polkas]
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Box On - My Heart Skips A Beat Polka (2015) [Round Two]
New Brass - Golden Brass Polka (2013) [LIVE] [A Jammin' Anniversary]
New Direction - My Prayers Have Been Answered Polka (2014) [Clear Directions]
Happy Travelers Reunion Band - We Like It Polka (2014) [On The Road Again]
Chris Syms - Ukranian Girl Polka (2014) [Once Upon A Polka Volume I]
Chi - Town Express
Bud Hundenski & The Corsairs - Sophie's Berries Oberek (1986) [Power Packed Polkas Of Distinct
Boys From Baltimore - Jasiu Joins The Army Polka (1981) [The Boys]
Brass Works - Across The Bay Polka (1982) [Living & Loving Polkas]
Pala Brothers - Hoo Sha Sha Polka (1971) [Latest & Greatest]
Good Times - Polka Music Polka (1975) [Rollin' Along With The Good Times]
Happy Louie & Julcia Polka Band - Springtime Oberek (1972) [Red White & Beauty]
Li'l Richard & His Polka Band - Snitching On You Polka [Old Country Style Volume II]
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Chardon Polka Band - Whoop Polka (2013) [A Fistful Of Polka]
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Walt Procanyn Orchestra - My Dandy Lyin Dandelion Polka (2014) [Big Band & Polka Magic]