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Kenny Habrack - A Blast From The Past (February 23, 2017)
Walter Ostanek & Friends - Collinwood Polka (1996) [Putting It All To
Polka Music Sound - Thoughts Of You Polka (2006) [Go With The Flow]
Eddie Potoniec & Tower City Drive - There I Go Polka (2001) [Just Like Us Old But New]
Al Cocoa Czelusniak - Music Box Oberek (1963) [Polka Around With Al & Leo]
Kevin Solecki - California Polka (2005) [Solecktions]
Prime Time - Goralu Waltz (2005) [Frozen In Time]
Matt Rosinski - What Goes On Polka (2004) [Self
Jimmy Homel's Changing Times - Play Me An Oberek (2005) [Polka Spirit Of Chicago]
John Gora & Gorale - Love Sunshine & Strawberries Polka Medley (2009) [Polka Playin'