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reach internet radio listeners, broadcasters and our whole community offers several advertising packages you can use to reach our internet radio community. If you have a radio station then start by upgrading your station listing. If you want more exposure then purchase our 125x125 banner package below. For the most exposure on our site then get in touch with us about "superbanner" placement at the top of every page and "box" ad placement in our sitewide sidebar. Here are all the details....

"We have seen and increase in new clients and they are in fact buying radio plans.
Last February we had 9 new clients for the month. This month we are already at 25 new accounts.
So I would say it's working pretty good."

- Current Stream Hosting Advertising Customer

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Sidebar Square Advertising Plan - $50/month

  • Target music, media and streaming enthusiasts
  • Perfect for extra radio station exposure
    Includes station upgrade ($10/month value)
  • Perfect for stream hosting companies or service providers
  • 125x125 banner on site-wide sidebar
  • Ad appears "above the fold" on pages containing sidebar
  • Ad visible to all visitors