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Reggae internet radio
reggae internet radio on streamfinder.com

Reggae is one of the world’s most popular musical genres. Exported from Jamaica as Ska and Rock-Steady in the 50’s and 60’s – reggae gradually grew into what it is today from those two musical forms. There is a wide variety of reggae to enjoy – from “classic” roots rock to the aggressive urban tinged dancehall to the psychedelic trip of dub. With reggae there is something for everyone from the sunny island of Jamaica… and if you think reggae is only Robert Nesta Marley then listen to some of the stations below to change your view of what reggae is and was… So this week we want to feature some of our favorite reggae radio stations here on streamfinder.com starting with:

1: Radio Inna Babylon – Reggae Radio

reggae radio innababylon Radio Inna Babylon. They play a lot of roots music with some dub thrown in – pretty classic stuff. You can listen off their site if you want to open it in a new tab or you can click this reggae radio link to pull up the shoutcast stream directly in the player of your choice.

2: Worllynkz Reggae Radio – Trelawny, Jamaica

reggae internet radio on streamfinder.com Radio Worllynkz is straight from Jamaica – they play some lover’s rock – softer ballads in the reggae style where a man extols the virtues of the woman he is trying to woo. Perfect for a romantic evening. And they also play a lot of rootsier selections. Visit their reggae radio station website here or click the reggae radio link to hear this station in the player of your choice.

3: Raggakings – Modern Urban Dancehall Reggae Radio from Jamaica

reggae internet radio on streamfinder.com Raggakings are also from Jamaica and play an upbeat, contemporary flavor of reggae with an emphasis on dancehall – aggressive “chattin pon da mike” in a syncopated rhythm that is hard for the uninitiated to decipher. But they do have “the herbs for your nerves” so if dancehall is your flavor then visit their reggae radio station website or listen to their reggae radio station. Big up to the raggakings!

4: Sensimedia – Roots Reggae & Reggae Network

sensimedia - reggae internet radio Sensimedia Roots Reggae is one station in a very cool network of radio stations run by sensimedia. They play a variety of kinds of reggae and feature automated playlists as well as live events – sensimedia is played weekly here at the streamfinder offices and we enjoy the quality of their broadcasts. visit their reggae radio station network or listen to their roots reggae radio station. There is also a dancehall radio station and a dubstep / grime radio station

5: Burning Rockers – Roots Rock and Lover’s Rock Reggae 24/7

burning rockers reggae internet radio Burning Rockers run a German based site but they dish up some great rootsy reggae – if you like the “classics” with a touch of lover’s rock thrown in then this is the station for you. visit Burning Rockers reggae radio station or listen to Burning Rockers reggae radio station. Irie!

6: Rasta Music Reggae Radio

rastamusic - reggae internet radio Rasta Music Regage Radio plays a great mix of classic and contemporary reggae forms. They have their eyes on newer artists and all reggae events worldwide – a great site for reggae news and festivals and a very vibrant community. Skunky! visit their rasta reggae radio community or listen to their reggae radio station. Much respect!

7: Big Up Radio – Contemporary Reggae & Dancehall

big up radio - reggae internet radio Big Up Radio is one of the older and established stations on the web. They play a very contemporary mix of dancehall and newer r&b / hip-hop influenced reggae. If your idea of reggae is “One Love” then this might *not* be the station for you – but if you want an audio slice of contemporary urban Jamaican music then visit their reggae radio station website or listen to their reggae radio station.

We hope you like these stations and if you want to hear more stations then just browse the StreamFinder.com Internet Radio Directory under Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep or Jamaica.

Happy Streaming!

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