Internet Radio Station Data API Announced has been gathering, listing and promoting internet radio since 2005. We have seen thousands of internet radio stations come and go but have been steadily growing along with the whole internet radio industry.

In early May we announced our new API that will allow software, app and hardware developers to be able to hook into our 10,000+ station database and provide accurate data about streaming radio stations.

We love internet radio. The same way we love pears. Smaller stations are delicious, juicy and ripe one day, then dead, rotten and 404 the next. We constantly clean our data to avoid serving up dead radio stations while also working to provide “long-tail” independent programming. It is a struggle but it is key to our mission.

get radio station data for your application or device
get radio station data for your application or device

We provide a free ‘development’ API to allow programmers access to our data models and create ‘sandbox’ solutions.

We also have a commercial API – this is used for customers who want to offer a commercial application, device or solution to their customers. Pricing available on request.

More can be seen here:

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