Social Media Tips for Your Streaming Radio Station – part 3 – Google Alerts

When you launch your radio station you will be eager to attract new listeners and engage your audience. Nothing is more rewarding to a broadcaster or a D.J. than hearing your listeners love the music and programming you are selecting.

Some stations set up a chat application on their sites where DJs can interact directly with their listeners – this is great real-time feedback and certainly fun for both broadcaster and DJ.

Most stations set up a contact form where listeners and others can get in touch with compliments, complaints or (many times) spam.

If you have followed our advice in our previous social media tips for radio stations posts then you have a twitter account and facebook account. You can look at  your number of followers on twitter and the number of members / likes your facebook page has to get an idea of your reach and reputation.

But there is another tool we can use to monitor how  your station is seen, shared and mentioned out on the web. Google Alerts! Google Alerts offer an easy way to get notified if any search term you choose is newly added to their index – you can be the first to know if someone mentions your radio station on their blog, in a comment or anywhere else on the web.

If you don’t have a Google account – you will need to get one to leverage Google Alerts. Visit this page to get started.

Here you will see a simple interface to start setting up alerts provided:

Configure the alerts to monitor your station name – if  you have a long station name then choose several alerts to cover all the options. You can always disable alerts if you are getting duplicate results.

Soon you can start receiving daily emails with any new mentions of your station in near real-time. An example email about is below:

We hope all broadcasters will sign up for google alerts – they are an excellent tool for the following jobs:

  • Identifying fans
  • Identifying backlinks to your station page
  • Reputation management
  • Responding to criticism

That’s all for this installment of social media tips for  your streaming radio station.


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