How can I listen to these internet radio stations?

Some radio stations feature built-in players on their sites, others just provide streaming links that will open their station up in your media player – Windows Media Player on Windows or iTunes on Mac.

I want to delete a few favorites I am no longer interested in how do I do that

To remove a saved favorite station you no longer want to listen to do the following:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click your name or user icon in the upper right of the window to visit your user dashboard
  3. On the dashboard page – click the saved stations link
  4. Each station is listed on that page – under each station is a red [x] delete link. Click that to remove the favorite.

How do I log in to listen on my iPhone ?

On iPhone – go to “Safari” and search for “”. Then search for the radio station you want to listen to. You don’t need to log in to listen to any radio stations. But you do need to create an account and log in to save favorite stations.