Featured Radio Stations For November 2010

Featured Stations for November, 2010

We have 6 amazing stations to feature this month – from Africa to the sock-hop to the rave – internet radio gives everyone a voice and we like to celebrate that at streamfinder.com – if you have a station you would like to see featured then contact us.

Want to view the list?

listen to Hard Rock Heaven streaming internet radio
Hard Rock Heaven

Hard Rock Heaven
Hard Rock Heaven is a station from your heavy metal past. Hair Rock, Glam Metal, Poison, Motley Crue, etc. If you like metal then save this station as a favorite – this is not death metal, speed metal or even that “heavy” think metal ballads that rock hard. My old boss loved this stuff – Night Ranger, Bon Jovi etc. So put on some spandex, fluff up your long ratted hair, tie on a bandana and BANG YOUR HEAD! Congrats hard rock heaven – you have found that unique metal, ballad, rock niche that resonates with a lot of our listeners.
listen to 100 XR - #1 Rock Web Station!!! streaming internet radio
100 XR – #1 Rock

100 XR
Weird to think that U2 and Foo Fighters and Green Day are moving from “alternative” to “classic” rock these days – as yestedays darlings start greying and mellowing. But 100 XR is firmly rooted in their best efforts playing a lot of seriously rocking alternative rock from the 90s and early 00s as well as some new alternative groups like Breaking Benjamin and Broken Bells….. We like a station that takes the alternative rock scene and plays the rockin’est shit from it… a nice contrast to the electronic, hip-hop scene that so many are obsessed with right now.
listen to Starlifter Radio streaming internet radio
Starlifter Radio

Starlifter Radio
Starlifter Radio has a unique voice and some cool playlist editing done by Dr Hitchcock down in New Zealand. Having been to NZ once I have a soft spot for it in my heart and think they have a fun culture down there… Starlifter is no exception – bouncy electronic numbers, ambient techno, real presenters saying real words that mean things about the music you are listening to… this station works hard at getting it right. And we know how hard it can be to run and schedule a radio station. Rock on you Kiwis.
listen to OasisRadio streaming internet radio

Oasis Radio from Japan
Man, when the Japanese get into something they GET INTO IT.. obsessive like this station that blasts hour long sets of amazing techno and house. Once in a while I break out my glowsticks and pogo around the office to the rave music… and this station supplies a lot of it. If techno, dance, house are your thing then check out this station.
listen to Radio Africa Online streaming internet radio
Radio Africa Online

Radio Africa Online
Radio Africa was suggested by one of our listeners who says it has amazing African vibe and music… one of coolest things about internet radio is getting a peek into local culture, events and happenings as well as great music. This station can be offline at times – so try it a couple of times if you find it down. As Africa gets more “wired” we are going to enjoy seeing a lot more stations from that continent.
listen to 1260 KYA Oldies streaming internet radio
1260 KYA Oldies

KYA Oldies
KYA Oldies plays dowop golden oldies, Elvis, Buddy Holly – 40s 50s 60s – a fantastic slice of music and culture from the golden years of AM radio. Great playlists and DJs make this station a solid choice if you like oldies and sockhop type music. Think Fonz, American Graffiti and Happy Days.

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