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GCN - "Jerry Pearce - The Radio Detective" hosts some of the most attention-grabbing guests, who discuss everything from espionage to murder and beyond. Jerry also has a unique way of cutting through political correctness to get to the core of what is really going on. Jerry's hard hitting, no nonsense approach to life is felt through listening to his radio talk show. His deep-seated desire to help others has been brought to a whole new level through the "Radio Detective" show. Jerry refers to his show as a platform of "Infotainment" a cross between entertainment and information. There is no other talk show like it on the air. Jerry also has added a "Cold Case" segment to his program where he broadcasts information about cold case murders in hopes of developing lead information that may be used to shed light on unsolved murder cases. Law enforcement officials regularly appear on Jerry's show to talk about these cold cases. we play Talk radio and Politics radio.

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 Talk   Politics   Police and Fire Scanners   Other  

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Jerry Pearce  Law Enforcement  Talk Radio  

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nothing beats a real dj