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The Freedom Phalanx Radio Network was born of activism We, as members of humanity, and more specifically, ″members″ of this liberty ″movement″, must stick together We are strongest when we fight together towards our common cause That cause is liberty We may all have our differences, our varying opinions, and we at FPRN think that our programs are evidence to how diverse all of us really are However, there is one uniting factor with all of us at FPRN We ALL are striving for more liberty We are a family in that respect Whether you are fighting big government, corporate media, militarized police or ruthless oligarchs, you are fighting for the FREEDOM to choose how you will live your own life Pha·lanx ˈfālaNGks,ˈfal-/ 1. a number of people united for a common purpose Tune-In To Liberty! we play Politics radio and News radio.

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