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Start a Free Streaming Radio Station – Internet Radio Tutorial

setting up an internet radio station - introduction to streaming radio

streaming radio microphone

create your own internet radio station for under a $100 and start playing your favorite music, discussing your favorite subjects and broadcast whatever you want

If you love music and want to broadcast yourself then you need to make a radio station. Streaming radio station software is very powerful,

usually free and allows you a lot of freedom to configure your station the way you want. In this tutorial we will go over the setup of our own radio station. dubradio.servemp3.com.

Just a quick overview of how I set up my internet radio station.

Each of these areas will be addressed separately later on in this tutorial:

streaming radio speaker

  • HP-ePC with a 125GB drive and about 500MB of RAM (overkill)
  • Zara Radio - my audio "player" a radio automation software package allowing me to queue up songs - ads - teasers and jump in with the MIC whenever I want. And the price is nice at FREE.
  • EdCast3 is the audio processor that takes the audio from Zara and encodes it to send to the streaming server
  • IceCast 2 is my audio server - serves MP3, MP3 AAC+, OGG and other formats - very low CPU use compared to other solutions
  • UltraVNC is used so we don't need a monitor hooked up - I can use remote desktop to manage my radio station box hidden on my bookshelf - makes it nice to stash away on my bookshelf.
  • noIP.com to map a domain name ( dubradio.servemp3.com) to my computer - I have cable so my IP address is dynamic - the noIP.com service sends a 'heartbeat' signal that detects when my IP address changes - if it changes they re-route incoming traffic to my NEW ip address. Pretty coo!
  • lightHTTPD for Windows - a light webserver to serve up your radio station web site.
  • PHP - a dynamic programming language module because I love PHP.
  • ClamWIN anti-virus to keep the radio station box clean and that's about it.

Except for the HP e-PC all of the above is free. But please - donate to the projects to keep them alive.