Email Newsletter – Jan. 21, 2013

Welcome to 2013 -

Another exciting year for streaming radio - new technologies - new software - better hosting and a social media environment that can amplify your message and multiply your audience.

Over the next couple of months we will be publishing some articles on how to leverage social media to grow your audience and engage them with your station - we already started that with our facebook article, then our twitter article and finally our google alerts article. Look for expanded tips and tricks for growing your audience and your radio station brand.

In the past couple of years the streaming radio world has started a process of consolidation - I<3Radio and have become BIG PLAYERS in the streaming world and many people think they represent the whole of online radio. This is a huge misconception - the online radio world has so many niche stations and longtail programming formats that are not represented on their sites or available to hear in their apps.

It is our MISSION here at to provide a place where the independent broadcaster can have a voice - can be found and listened to and discovered. We are happy you have joined us either as a LISTENER or BROADCASTER. Happy Streaming in 2013!


- LISTENERS: 6 New Featured Stations

- BROADCASTERS: Great Shoutcast Hosting Deals

- BROADCASTERS: Please UPDATE your station listings - add 125x125 LOGO for FREE.



We have 6 new featured radio stations for the month - check them out:

Instrumentals Forever

Classic Rock

WJMX Smooth Jazz

Biker Valley Classic Rock

Radio Punto La Ra
Boombox Radio



Please update your listings! We have fixed the buggy image logo upload and invite you to upload your 125x125 logo (see stations above) and enhance your listing with your personalized logo.

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Great Shoutcast Hosting Packages

We are working with 24Shells as hosting partners on Streamfinder - these are great deals if you are just getting started with streaming. Link goes to the homepage - click on the shoutcast tab to see all of their plans