Social Media Best Practices For Your Radio Station – Part 2 – Twitter

In part 1 of this series we discussed using facebook as a tool to push visitors to your radio station. Setting up a facebook page for your station allows a station manager to network within the facebook environment and generate new listeners and visits for their online radio station. And adding facebook “like” widgets to […]

Social Media Best Practices For Your Radio Station – Part 1 – Facebook

This post is meant to be a starting point for discussing some of the techniques that internet radio stations can use to harness the power of social media to drive traffic to their site and listeners to their streaming servers. This is not an exhaustive list of techniques – but this should be a good […]

Start a Free Streaming Radio Station – Internet Radio Tutorial

setting up an internet radio station – introduction to streaming radio create your own internet radio station for under a $100 and start playing your favorite music, discussing your favorite subjects and broadcast whatever you want If you love music and want to broadcast yourself then you need to make a radio station. Streaming radio […]

Make Your Own Radio Station With IceCast Streaming Server: part 1

Get the latest version of IceCast Streaming Radio Software Although it may seem daunting – setting up a streaming radio station can be a very rewarding process. It can also be a wormhole that sucks your time, patience and desire to ever broadcast. There are many options for setting up server software – we have […]